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I've been playing Xenoblade Chronicles X, so far over 85 hours...and i'm pretty sure i don't have more tan 40% of the game completed...i really love this game

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My hiatus plans are Xenoblade Chronicles X, i'm gonna try to get as much as possible in that game

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It was good, nothing spectacular, but fun. Some jokes were forced, others were very funny. This style of episode is difficult to do, when the audience knows something but the others characters don't, sometimes it works, others it doesn't. Still, i laughed a lot with it, overall, i say 7.5/10

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I can only judge Polsky for his MLP work, and I like it. Twilight Time and Rarity takes Manehattan show that he is pretty good at writing more Slice of Life in this show, and his other episode i think are good too. I do think he's better at writing Slice of Life in MLP. (sorry if my english is bad sometimes)

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i'm pretty sure Dance Magic is the credits song, and it was edited out for tv

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Princess Twilight mentioned a time-travel loop...oh, that's the finale for season 5!!

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It was predictable, but fun. I really like the feel of this episode.

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acording to IMDb, Iris Quinn is playing principal Cinch

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It looks like she's recruiting pawns, not equals, i actually like that idea, a lot of times is a group of villians in the same level

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yeah, i almost forgot about the new episode, only a couple of seconds in the commercial, no facebook clip, etc.