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10 years ago @ Platform [OLD] - Charlotte Leslie MP: · 0 replies · +6 points

Hi George, with the likelihood that new treaties will be needed in the next 18 months, or so, to cement Europe [read the Eurozone] together, there are deals to be done at next month's EU Council of Ministers meeting in Britain's interest.

It could be one of the most important meetings in a long time!

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Paul, I personally would not say saving £1billion is tinkering. Whether we end up in or out of the EU, a referendum is not going to happen next month. However, next month a meeting is happening where, if the Prime Minister chooses to back this campaign, we could start saving money straight away!

This is a common-sense campaign, whether you are a eurosceptic, europhile or eurorealist!

10 years ago @ Platform [OLD] - Brandon Lewis: It'... · 2 replies · +2 points

The Conservative Council in Swindon has very much made the re-generation of the town's railway station central to the concept of re-generating the whole town centre; as well as improving transport links with a new bus station on the way.

I absolutely agree with Brandon, if you take away the the parallel tracks that run through stations then they are at the end of the day prime property, usually situated in the very heart of our towns and cities - and in such cases they should be treated as such.

11 years ago @ Platform [OLD] - Lord Ashcroft: My pled... · 1 reply · +4 points

I wholeheatidly agree and applaud Lord Ashcroft for his words and donation. Aside from the large donors that will be queuing up, I am sure there are thousands of people around the country, myself included, would like to make some contribution towards this scheme however small in celebration of our monarchy; but especially for a wonderful Queen who has served her country so well.

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It is quite clear that Mr Reid has no understanding of basic history or he wouldn't equate local politics to that of Nazi Germany and the atrocities that occurred there.

If I was a Labour candidate, member or voter I would want nothing to do with Mr Reid or his idiotic comments. Someone who trivialises such things is unworthy of standing for election or representing constituents.

However I will continue to positively campaign in Swindon on the achievements of the Conservative run council and its vision for the future; I will leave it up to the electorate to decide Mr Reid's fate.

Toby Elliott
Chairman - Wiltshire Conservative Future