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I hope things go well for you and your family? That's scary but also kind of awesome.

I did see a post on what do in NY under 30 dollars recently: http://lilypotterr.tumblr.com/post/73659762796/th...

I don't know New York but that came to mind when I read this.

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I like that Drosselmeyer is right. Fakir did need to write with his feelings, which lead him to Ahiru and her story instead of Mytho. His feelings aren't leading him to tragedy like Drosselmeyer's did.

I also liked that Drosselmeyer dismissed Autor's beloved trappings as fake.

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I think I would probably have appreciated more time spent on Ahiru's crisis; it was present enough in the first season when it had more to do with fear of not being good enough for Mytho, but I think we got less of her inner turmoil in the second. She frequently doesn't think she deserves good things, which is her self-centered side, so it makes sense that it prevents her from being as helpful along with leading her to give up her life. I like the parallel to episode 13. She comes to think yet again that her feelings have made her better, and this time it's not because they make her Tutu and Tutu is helpful and great. It's because they make her want to help everyone regardless of what form she will have. Once again, it's Fakir's actions that remind her she shouldn't have to die and doesn't need to, because she's worth the effort of protecting too. Like in episode 13, she becomes great and more effective at helping when she is grounded in her own worth and purpose.

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Thank you! Yours was wonderful! |D

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He does!

I like reading your stuff! Vs lbh zrna Hgran, V jbhyqa'g zvaq lbhe gubhtugf ba gung vs lbh jnagrq gb funer gurz! V ybir Hgran.

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I do find more of value in the female damsels than in the male characters who have manpain over them. My comment is not implying you don't. I am talking about a fandom/audience phenomenon that in my case is more likely to happen if the damsel is male. It doesn't happen with me if the damsel is female.

He is a Prince archetype. That's no different to me from female damsels - or women in refrigerators - being or getting reduced to the Saintly Wife/Mother whatever for male characters to project onto. I don't relate to any of these archetypes ever. I mind when female damsels embody them - I mind that, not the female characters themselves - but I don't care if it's a male damsel. I would care if he wasn't a damsel and had more focus as him instead of as a catalyst for the other characters. That's what I've been saying. But if what you refer to is an issue with that one particular archetype and no other, and that has no relevance to whether the character is active, passive, catalyst, a focus of the story, or anything, then I guess we aren't seeing the same thing.

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That is exactly what I meant by calling him a damsel. There are many stories centered around male characters in which the male character's feelings for a woman who was ever in his life are driving him, and the emotional empathy is meant solely for the male character. The female character may or may not get characterization, but that's beside the point of the story. I don't mind that being present in a story with female central characters aside from Fakir and a guy playing the damsel. Although their care for Mytho is important to the story, I think certainly more important than in stories centered around male characters with manpain about women, I don't find it necessary to share it to connect with the characters. I think their stories aren't really about Mytho or their love for him even though he is important to them. I'm like those fans of manpain stories who are always empathizing with and loving the male character when they often don't care anything about the female characters that drive them. Except I feel that way about female characters and not male ones.

Duck is almost explicitly stated to be Fakir's muse last episode, so that is what I was talking about.

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Oh I don't empathize with Mytho either for much of the time. I think he really is meant to be empty and ineffectual, because that is how he is heartless and then poisoned while still heartless. He's a damsel and the show's story isn't about him, just how the other three central characters develop with his presence as a catalyst.

I agree that Ahiru seems like she has less her own storyline, at least until she gets her drive to find shards back and now realizes she will have to return to being only a duck. It helps develop her new priorities and how Mytho is no longer first there, but I would have liked that done with more focus on her and not just Fakir or her and Fakir. He has a great storyline, but that doesn't make up for less Ahiru. Actually, while I think the scenes of her being in and then leaving Drosselmeyer's world are moving, I don't like how she's a muse. That seems to encapsulate her season two arc until now, and female muses to tortured artists is a tiresome thing even with characters I love.

I agree about the pendant. If this show weren't so meta and Drosselmeyer was the real author of it, he would be praised for that twist.

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I agree, I don't think she's in love with him anymore. He hasn't been her emotional focus this season as she expands her relationships with others, but Rue hasn't expanded. She cared somewhat about Ahiru and felt like she couldn't keep up the relationship thanks to the poison from Drosselmeyer and the Raven. The only person she loves and has ever loved in this show is him. Though I think there's more to her not being afraid of him - she's used to her 'father' being a huge Raven, after all, and Mytho's become this way through her actions. Being affected by the Raven is something they have in common, even if that happened for them in different ways.