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Wherry's lost his snide side re the PM since E-day -- watch the CPAC/Maclean's special, and you'll notice its absence.

2011 is a game-changer -- people are realizing, both in the press gallery and in the general public, that this is no accidental PM. (They still may not like it, and that's their right; but they now get that something big is happening in Canada.)

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LOL @ "He is going to bestride this town for the next four years like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man."


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My money's on 4.

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He'd be Minister of Foreign Affairs in a Harper majority elected in 2008, with a year to go in its second mandate.

That's how Ignatieff's career as a Tory would have gone. And he wouldn't have had to swallow himself whole to do it -- the air of fakeness would not have come, because he could have embraced all that he had preached during his career as a public intellectual.

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I'm scared sick.

But, yeah, what's there to do?

Pose the question -- "So, Ontario, are you going to go back to the Rae years because the PM and his staffers have been behaving like jackasses on this campaign?"

And if the answer is "YES", well, then...

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It's written like the Tories were up by 15 and on their way to a comfortable majority, actually.

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What she's saying isn't a lie. It's that enough people are saying, "We don't care. We'd just rather be rid of YOU."

Chatted with a swing voter friend who's going NDP -- that's the general attitude.

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Very much like the nation debacle in 2006.

Harper didn't weigh in until he absolutely had to, in order to pull the other guys' chestnuts out of the fire.

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As an Ontarian, I'll take it!

But I'll concede to the other provinces that the federal government should stick to the 1867 division of powers...

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They took 19/32 seats in BC in 1988.

In 1957, the CCF took 10/17 in SK (against the Chief!):

And in the various Pearson-early Trudeau elections, they had strong (often plurality) caucuses out of BC.

It gives my cold Ontarian heart great joy to crush the dreams of the socialists, but they do have lasting English Canadian support -- just not here in the province of the United Empire Loyalists.

Right now, they're doing well in BC, the Prairies, and Quebec.

The Liberals are the second party in Ontario and Atlantic Canada.


Thing is, in Ontario (minus Toronto proper) and all parts West, Stephen Harper's Conservatives have been crushing the opposition. So being the second party west of London, ON, doesn't get you too far.