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Cost of travel can be "easily" capped low if we put the time and effort in to plan! The real hassle of travelling is not the travelling itself but the preparation!

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This is very different the Vietnam I went 5 years ago! The experience was very different in Ho Chih Min! The traffic was scarily dangerous...

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I never thought of having the scooters when there's kids! Such a brilliant idea... Most will only think of using the baby stroller! As for kick scooter, it will be safe if the kids can all walk? I know vietnam Ho Chi Min has bad traffic, won't scooter be dangerous?

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This is a question I didn't consider as I'm still single. And you are right about how many think that kids won't remember much, so it usefless bringing them along, because I used to be one of them. Now that you've listed the pros, it's time to reconsider...

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Love your header! It reminded me of one of my favourite games, Professor Layton puzzle game series. Nice work on that! Thanks for sharing~

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Aww... it's difficult to think of a question right now... hmmm...
Perhaps I will ask, dreams/passion or money? Which one is more important?

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Sometimes one need to take risk to earn big. That is only if they can afford to do so. But not everyone is born with the financial status and capability!

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Financial planning is very important and should be done and taught from young!
This is a good article to advise and give people some "penny" for thought on what they should have done long time ago!
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Thanks for sharing this step by step instruction. Good guide for people who wants to do their domain hosting! haha, I'm so glad I had friends to help me with these stuff!

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Wow, Masskara festival sounds like an important event in Philippines! Do you have a short description about the incident that the festival is commemorating for tourists to learn so that we can respect and appreciate the event more?
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