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MS sufferer complains of the high price of 'treatment'. Of course the cure will never be told.. as its costs pennies. According to H R Clark PhD ND, MS is caused by the virus sized bacterium, mycoplasma phlei. This is knocked out with nano-reduced colloidal silver, NCS. Make your own NCS. Use a Commercial CS machine. I use the International (220V) Colloidal Master, (no financial ties). NCS is made by aerating the process with a small Aquarium pump. Apparently it's the nasty CO2 that does the conversion/reduction. Set PPM to MAX, The process will take about 6 hours for a Liter. Make a new Batch every 2 months. Store in glass in a dark cupboard, away from electrics. It goes golden yellow after a few weeks, but is fine. Dose for Virus, 1 tablespoon 2X daily, held under the tongue for 5 mins washed down with a gulp of water. MS patients were given up to 10X that dose. I'm not a doc.. but if I were I would have been struck off after a month for curing the incurables.

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And amen to this imaginary deity baloney and talk of a dead human, who didn't die when nailed, but died at over 110, having gone on to preach The Laws of The Creation in the Near East. He married, had sons, and was buried in Srinigar, today's Kashmir. BTW he was renamed JC from Jmmanuel in 159AD to start the fake, control and killing cult. Try his own words in The Talmud of Jmmanuel, translated from Aramaic by Isa Rashid. And.. for the open- minded.

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There were no planes nor terr. attacks. Weak article, There were NO terror attacks.. nor planes. No Boeing airliner can fly at a sea level speed of 580mph, without ripping off its wings and tail, and in any case needing 4X the engine power to reach that speed. Can the author explain where were the 2 massive 1500 foot central cores, with their lifts, shafts and motors, as NIS assured us the floors had 'pancaked' Not in any photo! Or where were the 2X 100 meter high piles of rubble from the collapsed buildings, which the laws of physics tell us MUST BE there? Those should have taken 4 years to dismantle, not done 4 hours overnight, and illegally, without the needed investigation. Search ''9/11 Hologram Plane Theory - Bill Cooper RIP Nov 5 2001' ... and, no DNA from a single victim due 3000C Temp. (Danish U Prof)., same as Bali eH?

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There were NO planes.. ''9/11 Hologram Plane Theory - Bill Cooper RIP Nov 5 2001''. NO Boeing airliner can fly at 580mph at sea level without the wings and tail ripping off, and needing 4X the engine power to reach that speed.

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Excellent rant!

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Junk food means what? Sugar yes. Pse explain.

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'Medical research' term in today's Big Pharma controlled world is meaningless. We have the cancer cures known for decades, (Clark H R PhD ND The Cure and Preventionof All Cancers, 2007. That based on over 1/2 million reproducible bio resonance tests that identified the specific cancer causative bacteria, viruses, parasites, mold, heavy metals, dyes, radio active compounds etc and their pathways). Then we have a dozen natural cancer cures, Hoxey, J Winters, Essiac Burzynski, etc.etc.

Same is known for artery calcification. Malhotra. S L Dr. etc . For r. arthritis, dementia, diabetes, MS, etc.

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Well not quite with MbS, most probably with the cia operatives who run SA. MbS1 was shot DEAD with 2 bullet holes in the brain during the Palace fracas a few years back. A month later MbS2 appeared, flat cheek bones, a sheepish grin, and wearing the traditional head towel, maybe to hide some other features. Also.. MbS2 has lost the love for Western suits. All smoke and mirrors these days. .like Killary1 & 2,

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Absolutely correct.

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Nukes can't be used. Et has told us so. has have demoed that by knocking out a Spacex on the launch pad with a suspicious military (nuke), sat. Search.'' YouTube. SpaceX UFO Explosion - Slow Motio!'' . and search Larry King. CNN. UFOs shut down missile solos in US, UK, USSR