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Gutless opportunists and gutless "warriors" living off dollars and inifference.

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Yes, he's honest and he's not a traitor ... "what can't be cured must be endured until it can be cured" ...


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"They don’t care what the West thinks – as long as the "aid" spigot isn’t turned off. They are sadists, pure and simple, who murder for the sheer joy of it.

"As such, the rest of humanity has only one option: to turn our backs on them, to boycott and isolate them, to sanction them and drive them out of the international community. A poll recently cited Israel as the main danger to peace on earth, and this is absolutely true. Until the world is rid of this nuclear-armed rogue state, none of us are safe."

Great article. Thank you Justin Raimondo, yet again.

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That's how it looks. I'd been thinking he'd make a great president (having integrity, honor, putting America first...). Maybe he's just playing along until he can throw the vampires off? If that's real let's hope he gets them off soon enough.

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Hagel looks like vampires have been feasting on him since he took office (so sorry to say).

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Who is working for America and Americans?

"Our" Congress that works for Netanyahu -- what will they look like in history (if earth will have one)? Will they be compared with the Roman senators who bowed and scraped and fawned and worked for Caligula? Maybe not -- Caligula was the emperor of those Romans, and Netanyahu is not (supposed to be) ours.

Update on Israel, supported by "our" Congress, whose salaries are paid with American tax dollars:

Background: Benjamin Freedman

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As many have pointed out, an attack on Syria could trigger unforeseen and disastrous consequences. Why would Obama (i.e., his handlers) want to put the American people in such a risky situation. According to polls, the American people do not support an attack on Syria.

But I think few Americans understand how important a role AIPAC (which should be registered as 'agent of a foreign government') plays in guiding U.S. foreign policy and our media (etc.). Why would it be important to Americans that Israel land grab and rule the Middle East (in its sights now, Syria, Iran and Lebanon)? Why should their lives and hard-earned tax dollars support it? Contrary to public opinion, we do not even get most of our oil from that region. Charley Reese RIP put it in perspective with this still wholly relevant 'pop quiz': In addition to supporting Israel's agenda, there are related reasons "elite" of the U.S. and U.K. are motivated to invade Syria in violation of national and international law, those reasons explored (link below) by Paul Craig Roberts, an informed, brilliant, and acclaimed American with the honor and courage to publicly expose 'the real deal' he sees.

If AIPAC, corporations and the banksters were held accountable, would there be a sane turnaround in the apparent rush to global annihilation?

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The best of America, an astute journalist with great integrity -- I so miss his columns.

(Examples of Charley's "tell it straight" style from the archived collection - thank you
Middle East Pop Quiz and )

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Simply brilliant, spot on.

Bravo Mr. Raimondo, yet again.

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Thank you for another superb article. And how sweet it is that Hagel has been confirmed.