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Ok, for the record, when I said "commence hate", that wasn't actually an invitation to hate. But I guess the sarcasm was lost.
In any event, children brought up in homosexual unions are many times more likely to be abused than children under the care of a Catholic priest. Therefore, if I use your logic and claim the cases of exceptional misconduct are evidence of the true nature of the teachings of a particular ideology, then I would have to thereby infer that molestation is even more integral to your belief system than mine.
Of course, this is not true and I do not believe it for a second. But that's because I'm not using your logic.
Now, in the interest of civil discussion, if you care to read anything about the actual teachings of the Catholic Church, you might be surprised to learn that molestation is NOT okay by our rules, and in fact is rebuked with the highest degree of forcefulness.
Can't we all just agree that molestation is bad, and that anyone who does so ought to be locked up? Come to think of it, why the hell are we even talking about molestation in the first place?

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My position would be identical to the Catholic Church's position towards all advocacy of homosexual activity: no thx.
(Commence hate.)

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YOU seem to care.
Not to mention that you yourself seem to be remarkably "intolerant" of opinions you disagree with.
If you really don't care, and wish to truly embody the tolerance you seem to hold as an ideal, you would've shrugged it off, or at least begun a dialogue, rather than attempting to shut them down as you did.

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Since no one has posted it yet:

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This is the cleverest thing I have read in months.

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I DJ a Brony radio show on my college's radio station and download all my music. My Brony music folder as it stands contains 886 folders (one for each artist), something like 8,700 songs, and almost 50 GB of music. That's hardly exhaustive; that's just what I got from the MLP Music Archive as of August 2012 and subsequently downloaded on my own every week.

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I'm not sure what website you went to in order to find all of those, but yes, Obama is considerably more liberal than average as far as American presidents go. If you don't see that, then you're too far left to really be worth anyone's time.

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In the eyes of a ranger,
The unsuspected stranger
Had better know the truth of wrong from right,
'cause the eyes of a ranger are upon you,
Any wrong you do he's gonna see,
When you're in Texas look behind you,
'cause that's where the ranger's gonna be.

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Alright, you've piqued my interest.

EDIT: Hold on a freaking second. Doomsp0rk? This is me-zimm from DA. How's your Dangerous Business sequel going? Shoot me a message, bro. Been a while.