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Yeah, I've been in a similar situation as LW1, and that's a big HELL NO from me.

In my situation, my housemate had rescued a kitten from the street, and he was pretty much half-wild as a young cat, and she would intermittently grab to cuddle him, or just ignore him altogether. The housemate moved out last March to live with her mom who didn't like cats - with the promise to move back out as soon as possible, and to take the cat by the time my other housemate and I moved out (which we expected to happen within 2-3 months).

She then bailed on her last share of the utilities bill, blocked me on Facebook when I asked her about it, and has literally never asked about the cat nor offered money to pay for his needs. My other housemate later told me that this is the second cat she's abandoned.

At this point, I've had my cat for more than a year, have changed his ownership on his microchip, and love him more than could possibly be reasonable. As far as I'm concerned, I am the one who has taken responsibility & care of him (and feed him very expensive organic food) when she hadn't even bothered check to make sure we were able to keep him and that he wasn't back out on the street. So yeah, if she comes back for him, I am pretty much not giving him back, ever.

(this is my little monster)
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Just gon leave this here

( By Hannah Blumenreich, )

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Hello! I am here to tell you that you too can survive mistaken-intentions-flirtation.

I have recently been flirted with by someone I really liked, whom I'd been thinking about asking out - so I was thrilled when they asked first. I told them I was interested, and they responded by telling me that, oh, sorry, they didn't know I was into that, and they meant friends with benefits, and they are not currently doing relationships. And honestly? It's kind of pretty okay! I was intensely sad the day they told me, and then intensely okay the following days. (It's also the first time i went out on a limb like this, romantically)

It's surprising how not-hard it is to get over your feelings if you actually ask, and get whatever answer you will get.

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Reminds me of the ex who (TMI warning) thought because he was the first person I'd had sex with, it meant that my vagina was now shaped like his penis. Inverted, I guess.
... I was young, okay.

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That is so fucking creepy. I am so sorry. Maybe next time an "Excuse me, what exactly are you trying to imply?" will make him think about what he seems to be saying, and hopefully backtrack and eat his (awful, awful) words.

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It's true!
I'm awful, and think that acknowledging it makes it better.
But it doesn't! It really doesn't.

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Right?! It's so ridiculous. I have a friend who was accused by her mom of being verbally abusive when she was TWELVE. I have so had it with this "you are abusing me by standing up for yourself against my abuse of YOU" bullshit.

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I'm York. Yeah, I think next month will have a lot of drinking-with-friends-and-coworkers nights (apparently this gets even worse in grad school?). I'd be down to grab a drink and gab your ear off.

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Right? My life is kind of hilarious right now.

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Thanks for the encouragement - I call her on the cell I bought for her often, but I definitely miss in-person gran time. I will stop being lazy and actually go see her today.