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PERFECT synopsis! The overall feeling of the conference was amazing, and almost overwhelming at times. Glad to see you again friend!

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So many choices for hotels, so many reasons to go to Paris!

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People who run regularly and for fun inspire me. While I was in the military we had to do a TON of running, and well, I didn't embrace it the way that I could have. I always loved how I felt after running, but just couldn't get into doing it regularly after I left. I also want to go to Brussles just for the food and THEN for the architecture.

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My husband listens to his podcasts on triple speed and it allows him to consume several weeks worth in a couple of hours. Now I'll have to tell him that the can speed up videos as well. I SO agree with learning about what type of learner you are, that way you won't be frustrated when you try to learn in a way that's not a fit for you. Thank you for sharing such fantastic tips! It works in my homeschooling family as well!

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I know what we're doing next week! I always love projects that I don't have to go shopping for. All of this stuff is in my pantry, and I'm excited to see what the kids come up with!

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I have three rainbow babies. One singleton and a set of twins. The loss of a baby is something that I don't talk about often, but I do think about the ages of the children that I never got to mother, and when their due dates roll around, I tend to quietly wish them a happy birthday. I know the joy that comes with delivering a full term baby, and I know that having something to help you a bit with the conception, or getting to full term can alleviate a LOT of stress. Wonderfully warming story, and I'll pass this info along!

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LOVE these tips, especially not emailing a blogger out of the blue to ask for their PR contacts. It's just rude and offputting! We have to remember that this is still a job, and that jobs require networking, and reaching out in general.

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This is definitely handy for those of us who are SEO challenged. >cough< me>cough<

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Apps like these really annoy me. Mostly because it creates a culture of secretiveness, AND bullying in a ways. I know that there are a group of parents out there who feel that we should read the texts of our children, but if I'm paying for it, I'm going to have a right to read it. Plain and simple.

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Congratulations! It seems to be the season of new moves, and I can feel the excitement jumping off the page. Congrats to Mr. Lovebird on his promotion and to you for making this look super easy! Great moving vibes to you!
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