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Dadosaurus Rex


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I don't believe the word 'good' appears in God's book (by which I assume you mean the Bible) It was actually written in Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic, and 'good' is an English word.

Hey, speaking of which, how do you know which English translation of the Bible is the most accurate one without being able to speak ancient Hebrew and Greek?

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Imagine that I observed one Volkswagen climb on top of another Volkswagen, and after a period of time, a baby Volkswagen popped out of one of the first two.

If someone were to ask me "Where do Volkswagen come from," I would say "From other Volkswagen." The question then becomes, where did the first Volkswagen come from?

I think we ought to file this under bad analogies, as a Volkswagen is nothing like a universe.

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God sure was a lot more active in human affairs back then, wasn't he? Walked around the garden with Adam and Eve, completely flooded the entire earth, floated around as a pillar of fire and smoke, wiped entire cities off the face of the earth by raining fire from the sky, sent families alive into sheol, commanded entire populations be eliminated from the earth, Spoke directly to people, showed them his hind parts, told them how to build their temples, made up all kinds of crazy rules, came down and crucified himself, gave his followers super powers to heal people, or to strike them dead with a word.

I wonder why he doesn't do stuff like that anymore.

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Why does it take any more time to convert one person than another since only God can do it? are some things more difficult for God than others? How can this be since he is omnipotent?

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Well Ray, it looks like you've found your calling.

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“Envy is grieving at the good of another, than which no sin is more injurious both to God, our neighbor, and ourselves."

This whole quote is ridiculous, but the first line makes absolutely no sense, and is contradictory to scripture. Jesus said that blasphemy of the holy spirit was unforgivable. This would result in a one-way irrevocable ticket to hell for the sinner. Obviously far more injurious than envy, which can be forgiven, and the sinner can get into heaven.

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This is exactly the problem. There comes a point when you say, "God, I want so badly for these people to be saved, to be pardoned from hell, as I have been. Please have mercy on their souls" so many times that you start to think that maybe you care more than God does about the salvation of souls. If it was up to me they would all be saved, apparently God has a better idea...

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I apologize that the way I worded my response confused you. This was not really a theological question, as such, and I was careless with my wording. When I said "Follower of Ray" I was saying two things: 1. that I followed Rays blog 2. I was supportive of Ray, and my beliefs were in line with his doctrine (if not his tactics) I was NOT saying, however, that I revered him as anything more than a man, or that I was dependent on him spiritually.

I believe this is the first and only time I have described myself as a "Ray follower." I never would have dreamed of putting a mere man in the place of God. I assure you that when I was a Christian I worshiped Jesus Christ, God the Father, the Holy Spirit, and Todd Friel.

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No problem.

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To any and all Christians: If I have insulted you, or made you feel inferior, or hated, or rejected, I sincerely apologize. I value you as a person, and I harbor no negative feelings toward you.

Proclaim what you believe to be the truth, and I will proclaim what I believe to be the truth.