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The Fug Girls on the Toast? My top two favorite internet places together? What a beautiful day. Also, I loved this, I love reading about how writers write and collaborate with one another, especially if it's more than the writer as the introverted cave dweller stereotype.

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As a child of two therapists, that first link freaks me the hell out.

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"No offense but" to preface an offensive statement or opinion.

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This comment made gave me a sustained full minute of laughter so hard I could not see, and that was only the first sentence. It got even funnier from there.

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I SAID CAKE, Mallory!! And maybe! Do you see how Mallory does things? Now I have to bring cake and pie.

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Berkeley Bowl often stocks them! They're from Washington state. Haven't seen them this year but have bought them there in previous years.

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Don't worry, I'm on it! I'll bring the nametags.

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I have a nightgown that feels like a dress, so much so that I've been tempted more than once to run to get coffee early in the morning wearing my nightgown and pretending it's a maxi dress. Next time I'll just pretend I'm in an Austen novel.

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The tampon one is fucking brilliant. So so fucking brilliant.

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Everyone needs to LISTEN TO JANE about that Forever 21 lipstick. (Okay, that's stupid, we all obviously listen to Jane about everything). I happened to go shopping on Friday right after I read that Elle piece, stopped into F21 and bought that lipstick, and it is everything. I wore it Friday night to a holiday party, it is awesome, it stays on well, it feels great on the lips, and it doesn't have a weird smell like most cheap lipsticks do, and it is less than $4!! Also, Jane is alabaster white and I am golden brown and it works on both of us, so it's obviously a magic lipstick, like those jeans in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.