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My impression was similar, but specifically that Mal had to arc past being a jealous fuck before they could have a relationship.

Though I'm glad I don't have to find out if that also meant that Inara would also have to give up her career for it to work.

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It says a lot about a movie when Objectivism is a thing that can *improve* it.

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Best "it does just what it says on the tin" movie since Snakes on a Plane.

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"I was a bit interested in him back, but didn’t pursue it because he’s kind of a player" -- women do not describe Nice Guys this way. Nice Guys are guys they don't perceive in terms of attraction and romance, but just as platonic friends. She's not interested because dating him is a Bad Idea, not because there's no spark there.

Nothing about this story suggests that he is secretly attracted to her but is playing it off like he's acting nice and he's only a friend. It appears that she's perfectly aware he's attracted to her and that he's insulting her boyfriend because he wants her. And he's not even acting like the "nice" friend that I can see -- he's doesn't disguise the fact that he's a dick, he's just not mean to her directly, which isn't a "nice guy" MO, it's the style of a player.

As for her, it sure seems like she's flattered by the attention he's giving her, and not in a "it's so nice to have friends that listen to me" way. The way it looks to me is that this charismatic asshole is turning on the charm and making her feel special with his attention and focus on her. That can be flattering as hell. She's smart enough to know that falling for it and actually dating him is a terrible plan, but human enough that she nevertheless enjoys the attention and doesn't want to give it up. That's has some superficial similarities to the "nice guy" dynamic, but it's not the same thing at all.

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You know, I don't think I've ever read a comic where a character traveled back in time to meet an important religious figure, and I can't say I have ever felt like that was a thing that was missing from comics either.

Seriously, that's your big concern? Characters time traveling to visit Mohammad? I don't feel like we'll be missing out on an important plotline if they take a pass on that one.

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Am I the only one who looks at all those swords stuck into the bottom of the boat and worries about a leak?

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Are you asserting that Leigh Alexander said that, or that her detractors did?

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It's amazing how often they go after someone under some rationale, have that rationale completely exploded, and then go casting around for any reason at all to dislike that person, as some sort of way to justify their initial bogus attacks. The Zoe Quinn abuse allegations are another clear example.

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If it helped her to forgive him, I'm glad for her. *I* don't forgive him.

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Oh, it's much worse than that.

"Right-wing ideologues, racists and other extremists have jazzed up political correctness and repackaged it — in its most virulent form, as an anti-Semitic theory that identifies Jews in general and several Jewish intellectuals in particular as nefarious, communistic destroyers. These supposed originators of 'cultural Marxism' are seen as conspiratorial plotters intent on making Americans feel guilty and thus subverting their Christian culture."