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Black skin

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Bob, I know you know this, but the “polls” are bullshit. When they don’t just create them out of thin air, they manipulate them. My mother had a land line until she died a couple of years ago and she used to get called by pollsters all of the time. She would always give me the phone when I was there and it was clear that the questions were designed to give a certain outcome. Does anybody with a single synapse firing believe that Jeb Bush could beat Hitlery? Please.

The pollsters and politicians know that many Americans suffer from Dependent Personality Disorder (fear of being ostracized or made fun of for disagreeing with others) and their methodologies are constructed to exploit it. With both the Republicans and Democrats working overtime to eliminate Trump from the equation, you can bet that the pollsters [that overtly or covertly work for them] are stooping to new lows to make voters think they would be crazy to support him. I took a class on polling in grad school and had to conduct a couple of polls for a grade and I can assure you that nobody checked to see if I was making up the responses I received. Who’s verifying all of these political polls? Answer: Nobody.

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This made me think of you, Bob.

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Alan West....the one that knows Ofaggo is ineligible but won't say anything because he may want to run for office again. Great pick----not!

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In August while Congress is in recess I’m going to be hosting a presentation of evidence by Mark Gillar in my district. How far he can go will be determined by Mike Zullo, but there is plenty of information that’s already in the public domain that most people are not aware of. In preparation for this event I have contacted the local TEA Party, churches, civic groups, veterans groups, OathKeepers, business owners, the local medical association and influential citizens. I would guess that 95% of them had NO IDEA that there has even been an investigation going on.

Those of us who are involved in this issue seem to forget that most people rely on the mainstream media for their news. All they have heard from them is that Obama is eligible and Birthers are lunatics. It took a little convincing to get some to want to attend, but most of the people I’ve talked to are really stoked. Prior to his presentation I’m going to be doing a primer on the law regarding Presidential eligibility in which Vattel will play a major roll. I have an MA in History, but American history is not my area of expertise so I have had to do a great deal of digging to get up to speed. I will also address the arguments of the so-called experts that have come out of the woodwork since Obama came on the scene to try to detract from the truth.

I don’t know where they find some of these “experts” because they say the silliest things. Some say that citizen and natural born citizen are the same thing. Employing nothing but common sense, one would have to wonder why there would be two separate terms for the same thing especially in a legal document. I find it particularly entertaining that Democrats made 8 attempts to amend the Constitution to remove the requirement that a President be a natural born citizen in favor of just a citizen if there’s no difference – and that those 8 attempts occurred between 2004 (when Obama came on the national stage by giving the keynote speech at the Democratic National Convention and was immediately called on by the left to run for President in the next election) and 2008 (when he was elected for his first term). Of course, in spite of the fact that there were many questions about Obama’s eligibility, as soon as the last attempt failed, the Democrats’ attention immediately turned to John McCain’s eligibility – and they backed a resolution in Congress to demand that McCain provide them with a real paper copy of his birth certificate.

I don’t believe that a single thing will happen to make Congress address Obama’s eligibility until enough people know about the evidence the CCP has uncovered and the only way to make that happen is a real grass roots, one-on-one effort. Even though Mark Gillar can’t appear everywhere to make a presentation, you can show people the press conference from 2012. I will repeat, 95% of the people I’ve talked to for our event had NO IDEA that there has been an investigation.

I’m also going to invite our Congressman. I doubt that he will have the courage to appear, but if he doesn’t I’m going to provide everyone who attends with stamped envelopes addressed to our Congressman and Senator with a letter inside demanding that they initiate an investigation that they can just sign and drop in the mail. Can you imagine if this happened all over the country? I’ll be interested to see how these dirtbag politicians deal with a whole bunch of their most prominent constituents who are informed and mad as hell. It certainly isn’t a sure thing, but it beats the hell out of doing nothing.

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Calling Bob68

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He still believes it. It has just taken a circuitous route that you are currently witnessing.

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Larry Klayman + Dennis Montgomery + Surveillance of Supremes = Back Door (No Pun Intended) to Usurper ?

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I interviewed a former federal judge several months ago to try to get a handle on this. I was told that federal judges follow DOJ policy over law. Isn't that ironic since the DOJ is part of the executive branch? He also said that federal judges (for the most part) are like a club, regardless of political affiliation, and nobody likes to rock the boat. Since a healthy majority of them are leftists, I guess that means they are driving the boat.

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I agree that we need to do more than just "yack", but letters and phone calls aren't going to cut it. They've already had plenty of them and all we get in return are patronizing letters and statements. Until a millions of people are willing to go to the streets and DEMAND that something be done, nothing will be done no matter what information is released.

I know plenty of people that bitch incessantly about O-Hole's ineligibility and destruction of the country, but when I've tried to get them to go to our Representative's office with me (which is just 20 minutes away) they are either too busy or they say it won't make any difference. Kind of a catch 22, eh? It won't matter so I won't do anything - I won't do anything so nothing will happen.

Apparently people have to wait until it's too late and they either feel devastating personal pain or they're locked up in a re-education center. Either way, the bad guys win.