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Concerning Sheridan being the Alliance president without any of the populations voting for him... Keep in mind that the Alliance isn't a ruling body and it isn't a democracy. It's more like NATO or the UN, and I never voted for the UN Secretary-General or... well, whoever is in charge of NATO. :)

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Give me a week. If new links haven't gone up by then, I'll buy a set.

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It's interesting to me to see B5 "creating the Federation". So we have a show that handles the start of the Federation and we have multiple shows with Earth being a standing-member of the Federation. What I'm surprised by is that we haven't seen any shows that dig deep into first contact with a group of worlds that can become a Federation. (I'm using Federation as a generic term here...)

(My guess for another series...)

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Not just Lefcourt's cavalry (though I agree with you, it's awesome)... I LOVE the bookends with the Battle of the Line at the start of the series with the Minbari fleet coming in to save the planet here. It's such an understated moment when compared to the rest of the episode, Delenn declaring "We are there", but it's one of my favorite of the series. 🙂

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To be fair, the mods are fine with it. Just certain people get really bent out of shape any time something political is brought up in their entertainment. It really is weird when that attitude shows up in shows like this.

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It's so much fun commenting on r/Babylon5 about how frightening this show is in mirroring what is happening right now in politics, only to be told by other posters "This isn't the place to talk politics!"... As though the very best sci-fi isn't supposed to be an allegory into our lives and society, but instead should be about pew-pew-ing different aliens every week.

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"The Babylon Project was our last, best hope for peace.

It failed."

I've always loved this opening. Ivanova's delivery for it is just fantastic.

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I've watched this series probably a dozen times since it aired and read all kinds of books and articles on the show, and always thought it was 100 years... I REALLY need to pay better attention.