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When Professor Richard Wolff suggests that China has still got some way to surpass the US in terms of productivity, methinks that he has missed the boat on that one, a long time ago.

When GM and co moved overseas or ‘south of the border’ to Mexico, there was a huge slump in domestic US productivity in the auto-industry alone. The ‘de-industrialization’ brought about by US pressure within the WEF (World Economic Forum) following the 2008 financial crisis, was accelerated when the same WEF, concocted the COVID-19 ‘scam’, to put pressure on China to halt its industrial activity. The serious miscalculation by the US however, was met by the opposite response from China.

But let’s look at China and Russia’s response to the COVID ‘scam.’ For decades, both China and the Soviet Union/Russia, understood the threat of biological weapons from the US, was real, especially following China’s halting of US forces in Korea in 1953. Having reached equity with the US concerning nuclear weapons, the Soviets considered that the next option for the US, was a biological attack on both the Soviet Union and China. For that reason, both Stalinist nations embarked on a program (decades in the making), of putting into place, contingencies to respond to a biological emergency, including lockdowns and vaccines. The stunningly swift COVID response seen from both China and Russia over the past 18 months, has been many years in the making, leading up to the WHO (World Health Organization) announcement in March 2020.

The response by the West to the COVID ‘scam’ (which it created) by contrast, was fraught with all the negative repercussions, they were never prepared for. Another way of putting that, is to say that “the West never realistically expected to experience biological warfare coming from the East.” China and Russia on the other hand, had the luxury of demonstrating to the entire world, what they had spent years practicing for. That’s why their vaccines (such as Sputnik), have had years of testing and peer review. Can Pfizer and AstraZeneca and the rest, say the same thing about a drug rollout that’s taken place from “go” in less than one year?

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Looking at the situation from the South Island West Coast of New Zealand, there’s no doubt that the recent assassination of Haitian President Jovenel Miose by US-paid Colombian mercenaries, is directly linked to the pathetic attempt to launch a “Colour Revolution” in Cuba. The 90km distance to Cuba from Haiti, is less than the 175km between the Florida Keys in the US, to Havana. For that reason, Haiti has always been seen as a US launchpad to invade Cuba from the south.

For more than 60 years, the US has made sure that Haiti, remain unstable and beyond the progressive reach of Cuban influence, by paying off tyrannical puppets like ‘Papa Doc’ Duvalier and his murderous ‘Tonton Macoute.’ Even the UN MINUSTAH mission to Haiti from 2004-2017, was designed by the US, to maintain instability in the country. The massacre by Brazilian UN troops of civilians, was about telling the Haitian population, who was boss.

It should therefore come as no surprise, that since getting their arses kicked out of Afghanistan, the US is starting to re-direct its failed military resources to the Caribbean, in order to concentrate on Cuba and of course, Venezuela.

Unfortunately for the US-Deep State and military ‘junta’ in Washington DC, history is about to repeat itself, when it starts its Caribbean misadventure against a combined Cuban, Russian and Chinese adversary.

Getting back to the drama unfolding in Cuba. We’re reminded of the US attempt to the overthrow China’s Government, through ‘rent-a-mob’ violence in Hong Kong. It was a complete failure. But the mother of all US “Colour Revolution” failures, is surely Syria, thanks to the ‘invited’ Russian intervention in 2015.

The anti-China US “Colour Revolution” in Myanmar, is coughing and spluttering its way to a bad outcome also, as US forces leave a bloody trail on the Eurasian continent.

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Since the US-Deep State committed itself to concealing its role in organizing the “controlled demolitions” of the WTC buildings in NYC in 2001 (by fabricating a ‘Saudi connection’), a legal action brought in 2020 by a NY Federal Magistrate (acting on behalf of families), was hoped to put more distance between direct US involvement in 911 and the crime. In fact, the US class-action, was designed to do exactly that. But no one’s telling the families. You could say that the US is buying time, before its scurry’s off into the dark, like a “Bagram retreat.”

What is becoming patently clear however, is the actions being brought against the Saudi leadership for 911, are based on unsubstantiated ‘accusations’, like those brought against persecuted Wikileaks journalist Julian Assange.

The mounting scientific and engineering evidence over nearly 20 years (not accepted by the NIST on behalf of the US regime), that the aircraft presented on Sept 11, 2001, were ‘computer generated’ video inserts, is another reason why the US-Deep State, is ramping up its efforts to put the Saudis in the frame.

Looking back to the time when King Salman made is epic journey to Russia (for help) in 2017, clearly it didn’t impress the US. For that reason, MBS (Mohammed bin Salman), was put on the throne by US-Deep State spooks. The hope was, MBS would be more compliant than his father and less likely to jump in with the Eurasian BRI. Even that, didn’t work out. When (US Asset) Jamal Khashoggi was murdered in 2018, the US put the killing squarely at the feet of MBS (without evidence).

All the while, the US is hopelessly trying to cover its tracks and refusing to accept responsibility for its crimes. Do we need to mention Yemen? Again, the Western warmedia are full of ‘Saudi’ F-15’s, but no mention of criminals pulling the strings in Washington DC and London.

Yes, former CIA Middle East Division director Daniel Hoffman, is talking from “where the sun don’t shine”, when he says “the humanitarian values of the United States.”

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Understanding the BRI (Belt Road Initiative), is central to solving ‘Afghanistan.’ But firstly, following the success of the Chinese Revolution in 1949 and the effective ‘winning’ of the Korean War by China in 1953, the psychotic obsession of the US to overthrow that Revolution, has been a driving force to have a malevolent US presence on the Eurasian continent.

The failure of the US use of Tibet as a leverage weapon against China, has been exposed to be a massive fraud, as the Tibetan province has been opened to the world, by a burgeoning tourist industry. Effectively, making decades long US claims of Chinese ‘concentration camps’ in Tibet, disappear behind the wake of a modern high-speed rail network and economic boom. In neighbouring Xianjing province, the story is the same. False US claims of Chinese State repression against the Uyghur ethnic minority in Xinjiang is crumbling, while that province experiences increased economic activity, with increasing foreign and local tourism and business, flooding into the region. This internal Chinese activity, is a fore taste of what the BRI will deliver for the rest of Eurasia, including Afghanistan.

Look anywhere on the internet, and you’ll find a plethora of ‘reaction’ coming from ‘US Asset’ sites such as ‘WION’ (based in India), where false narratives of ‘military tension between India and China or India and Pakistan’, have only one intention: to derail the BRI, without which the ‘Stan’ nations of Central Asia, will crumble into the dust of Western despotism.

The poverty driven piracy that has plagued the ‘Horn of Africa’, will cease as the BRI brings economic fortunes to a region that has been a bloody playground for Western rivals, to extort tribute from the people of Somalia across to Yemen. That’s only a small part of the BRI’s effect on the rest of Africa.

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When Stalin purged the Soviet Union of all 'Revolutionist Bolsheviks', he rid the Soviet State of all 'Communists.' Stalin utilized the 'Communist' label, in name only, but not in practice. Real Communism, required a bottom-up leadership. Stalin represented its diametric opposite (top-down). That was part of his deal with Western capitalism. Having achieved that by the late 1930's, the West realized that Stalin could be trusted to screw things up even more to such an extent, that the West wrongly calculated that Soviet resistance would collapse and the West could just march in.

In fact, by 1945 when the race was on for Berlin between the Western allies and the Soviets, Churchill seriously considered 'Operation Unthinkable.' This was about, re-arming a defeated Germany and jointly, re-invading the Soviet Union as a combined Western force. In the end, 'Operation Unthinkable' wasn't carried out, because the Soviet advance toward Berlin was so swift and devastating, that the West (terrified), called it off.

Yes, you truly are 'Disadvantaged.'

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Your ignorance of the Stalin Era is obvious. The primary aim of Stalin's 'counter-Revolution' after he seized power after murdering Lenin in 1924, was to remove all traces of 'Revolutionist Bolshevism', from the CPSU. Part of his promise to the Western Entente, was to guarantee that the Soviet Union would not spread beyond its borders. This was his so called "Socialism in One Country" and not the "World Revolution" led by German workers that Lenin and 'Red Army' founder Leon Trotsky, had in mind. That's why Stalin ordered Trotsky's murder in 1940.

Stalin's deal with Hitler to split Poland down the middle before war commencement in 1939, was to buy time because he realized that the Soviet Union wasn't militarily equipped and ready for a full on war with Germany. Also having criminally purged the bulk of the Red Army's best leaders, Stalin knew that his own head was on the chopping block if things screwed up.

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A few years ago, I replied to an article in ICH by former CIA operative Philip Giraldi. I was critical of his embellishing his articles with references to his beloved US Constitution and its ‘Founding Fathers.’ Indeed, his reply to me, was revealing in, its tacit acknowledgement that I knew my subject well. Indeed, in the 2 years since our exchange of ideas, Giraldi has desisted from fetishizing the ‘Founding Fathers.’

But still, others persist in keeping the myth of the Founding Fathers alive, in a desperate effort to give substance to a lie, that has contributed to ‘American Exceptionalism.’

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Finally, we’re going to see a Central Asian mess created by the West, settled by Eurasians. That is, China, Russia and the BRI (Belt Road Initiative). The BRI is recognized by all Eurasia, as an unstoppable uniting phenomenon. Even grudgingly by European mis-leaders, who kowtow to US/UK Atlanticism.

Scaremongering by the US about the impending chaos in Afghanistan after its departure, is a pathetic reframing of the most chaotic period in Afghanistan’s history. But it’s also a fearful and unavoidable admission, that Afghani cooperation with the biggest economic and cultural bloc on the planet, is going to put an end to the criminality that the West has inflicted for more than 40 years.

We’ve seen Western propaganda play the war card between India and Pakistan, while both countries have maintained closer military ties to the BRI leaders China and Russia. If you don’t believe that, check out the video of a joint Eurasian military exercise in 2015, involving China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia and Kirgizstan.

The recent attempt at a ‘Colour Revolution’ in Myanmar by the US, is yet another clumsy attempt to stop the BRI initiatives already begun by China, to advance Myanmar into the 21st century.

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You're right there mate! Snowy should have said, "True narrative (inside job) and false narrative (9/11 hijackers)."

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Decades of hostility toward the US military presence in Okinawa together with the 2016 agreement of understanding between Japan and Russia for Siberian gas and minerals (under Shinzo Abe), means that Japan has already started to loosen the US noose around its neck. This, despite the ongoing dispute between Japan and Russia over a group of islands that the US has used to increase US arms sales (F-35 jet fighter) and generally wreck all chances of rapprochement.

More than 40 years ago (at the dawn of the personal computer), Japan’s mighty electronics industry, was told in no uncertain terms by the US, “Keep out of the emerging computer market.” The US dominance by Microsoft, Apple, HP and IBM, bears testimony to that.

Through the 1960’s and 70’s, attempts to sell inefficient American automobiles to Japan, were thwarted as Japan asserted its own independence from US pressure, by imposing tariffs and environmental measures that the US refused to meet. But it’s the 1973 “Oil Shock”, that really kicked the US in the guts. The dominance of the Japanese auto industry worldwide, would see it through to the new millennium, until South Korea changed all that.

With the inevitability of Korean reunification, Taiwanese realism about a Eurasian future under China and an eventual collapse of the US attempt to stir up a ‘Colour Revolution’ in Myanmar, the signs are there to show that the G7 Summit or whatever else the West tries to conjure up, are due to fail.

Even here in New Zealand (a ‘Five Eyes’ member), the writings on the wall. Our Aussie neighbours (politicians), have been spewing their guts because, they see NZ’s more realistic view of China, as “not playing the game according to Uncle Sam.” As co-signees of the China-RCEP (Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership) along with 14 other nations (NZ included), Australian business and workers, aren’t going to kowtow to the cowardice of its political leaders.