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CHER was the artist who originally sang and released "Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)". Sonny Bono wrote it.

Sure, Nancy Sinatra covered it, but that's a damn Cher song.

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Same customer.

Not a question, an observation.

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My answer to that? William Vollmann is an alumnus. So yeah.

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Fala and her ladypal-a!

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I absolutely ADORE advice columns, and for a very long time, I have absolutely DELIGHTED in hate-reading Dear Prudence.

What shall I do now?

Will I finally, at long last, be able to love-read Dear Prudence, without any internal conflict, and without irony?


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Hi there! I've been a professor for a very, very long time now, and my advice is just to be honest. Note in your email that you feel very silly for forgetting to upload this important aspect of the assignment, and ask if it is possible to submit it now, even though it is after the deadline. That's all. Don't overthink it, and don't fudge the truth.

Good luck! :)

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1) Get thee to the Chronicle of Higher Education's Forums. I'm a regular poster there. I'm not in Rhet/Comp, but lots of posters there are, and you need a community. Post a question in the "In the Classroom" forum. I've got a couple of really good friends in Rhet/Comp who post there regularly, and I will direct them to your question/s.

2) Acquiring writing skills is a lengthy (even life-long) process. You are not going to see substantial improvement in most of your students. You are launching them on a 4-year journey, and it's the folks who teach the upper-level courses who will see the fruits of your intro-level course efforts.

Your job is to introduce them to the basics (perhaps of genre, perhaps of argumentation, perhaps of citation styles -- I don't know what your particular department mandates). That's creating a foundation for future learning through the practice of writing, and it is a Really Important Job. So hang in there. And I hope I see you over at The Chron.

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Eeee, Sister Wendy! My art history classes never included television shows, and Sister Wendy hadn't hit the airwaves until a decade after I finished undergrad, but I just loved watching Sister Wendy on PBS at home. And her adorable distocclusion! (I think that's the right term, but I am not a medical professional.)

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In New England, Kerry and Carrie are not pronounced alike. Neither are Erin and Aaron.

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First Thursdays (yes, including tonight!) at Rogers Park Social. 7 pm ish. Near the Morse stop on the Red Line.