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Meditation and then exercising is my morning routine! Though I do look at the phone in between :-)

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I LOVE homemade hummus and I will pick up my new Ninja Blender this weekend, so it's going to happen! I love GUacamole Hummus or Sweet Potato Hummus.

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GREAT recipe, I need to make it! I love pizza, but the white crust makes my stomach sick.
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I heard that if you want to build muscle, you definitely want to eat before you workout. Though for me, I just can't eat before my workout, I workout at 6am and my belly can't handle food at 5am. I make sure I have a late snack though and I have my protein shake and supplements immediately after the workout. And this way, I did build muscle, I gained about 4 kilos of muscle in the last 6 months :-) Also, I was recommended to lift before doing the cardio - you have more energy and can go harder.

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Good luck with everything! Sounds like so much fun!

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these are genius!! I never really figured what to do with fresh cranberries (cranberry sauce is not very common around here) - so this is the solution :-) Love the combo with orange too!
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What a great collection! I love any soup that is creamy and hearty :-) not a fan of clear soups at all, it just isn't 'food' enough for me :-)
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I can not decide which of these budget entrees I like the most - but I think I go with the pizza. I definitely need to try that one!

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Sounds like such a great time you had with your family! Love the pics. Your brother is lucky :-)

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I love your approach, Alysia. You're right, this rule sometimes is not easy, but it's the best one!!