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Whoa, looks like old Jeff forgot the "wife's" name there during his doughnut comparison.

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Well, if Bristol says it, that's good enough for me.

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He was probably just lonely.

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Any of 'em, all of 'em, Katie.

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You can also buy Jeanne Devon’s arteestic recreation of the Palin Monster Bash and Stretch-Hummer Fuck-Tussle up top as a postcard and send it to John McCain with appropriate comments.

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Go to the Canadian government website and look for the form that is entitled Application for Approval of Rehabilitation in the area where you request visas, residency, work permits, etc. There is a checklist there of the steps you have to take. It's a major bureaucratic headache. You have to get police reports from every state you have lived in since then, FBI report, fingerprints, passport photo, copies of the court records for the infraction making sure you get everything that shows that you completed your whatever-it-is the court required, and pay money for every single one of those things plus the fee the Canadian government requires.

What messed me up was spending ten years on my boat in Mexico where I had no address and I wasn't a resident...just cruising around and living at anchor mostly. They wanted police reports from every Mexican state I "lived in". If you know anything about the Mexican bureaucracy, trying to get anything done...ah, just shoot me. I ended up having to go to my Senator, Mark Begich's, office to intercede for me.

Hopefully it won't be that complicated for you. That Mexico part was what screwed me up, but even that got straightened out eventually. Good luck with it.

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No, I never saw anything like that. I just had to throw myself on the mercy of the Canadian government...and give them lots of paperwork and money. Anyway, it happened in the States, and due to some old grudge match between the two countries, they won't let us undesirables come over their border. Being as my normal home is Southeastern Alaska, and we are totally surrounded by Canada, it was very frustrating. Besides which, I really like Canada.

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Okay, Editrix. I just made a reservation to stay the night in Seattle, so I will see you then.

Had a DUI in 2002 and am just now not paying for it one way or another. Canada decided last spring that I am no longer a criminal and can enter their lovely country. Finally! Don't want to mess that up.

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Get your Palin streetbrawl gear at Mudflats:

You can send that stick figure drawing on a postcard to John McCain with appropriate comments.

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Here's the link if you would like to help Eric out while he's looking for a job with people who aren't assholes.