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1. Happy belated birthday!!
2. What kind of stroller is that? I know it's new and shiny and expensive and therefore I will not be buying it new for myself, BUT I need a stroller for multiple kids b/c of the [slightly illegal] "daycare" I'm running. I am feeling COOPED UP and need to be able to take the kidlins to the park! So anyway, I'm thinking I can scour craigslist or something for a stroller like that.
3. I obviously have major stroller envy
4. As soon as I convince The Husband to continue with my dream of building a family the size of a basketball team, I'll obviously need a stroller for multiple kids.
5. I have spent way too much time talking about this stroller.
6. Mac woke up at 5:30 this morning. It's now 7:30. I'm clearly slap-happy.
7. Have I overshared sufficiently in this comment?

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One of my best friends got a mini van last year. She joked that the day she bought it, she drove around town looking for a bridge to drive off of because she was so depressed, but realized she lived in such a small town, there wasn't even a bridge as an option. She now loves the mini van.

Meanwhile, I've disowned her as my friend ;)

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1) Your house is BEAUTIFUL. 2) I WANT THAT JUMPAROO. Srsly, Mac would die of awesome. Where'd you get it? Totally asking for it for xmas.

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random tidbit: There's theater in Mpls putting on a production of David Sedaris' The Santaland Diaries (the story where he works as an elf in a department store) and I'm totally going to figure out a way to go see it. I am OBSESSED With David Sedaris. Lurve him. And now I must get my hands on that book!

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I am so fascinated by this twin stuff. My husband is a twin (looks identical, but technically fraternal) and he is so unhelpful about how he and his brother connect on a different level from other siblings because, for him, it's just always been that way. He said they never had a secret language, but his mom claims they did when they were babies. They definitely aren't allowed to ever be on the same team when we play games like Catch Phrase or Pictionary or something because they are ALWAYS on the same wavelength. And lately, dealing with trying to get Mac into the crib, my husband started talking about how he never had any problems sleeping at night and I was like, "uhh...duh! You had your twin in a crib with you! You always had company!"

I just love the special connection that so many twins have. It's so fun to observe and I'm glad that Truman and Sawyer have it. it's so cute!!

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LOVED this story!! Man, childbirth never is quite what you expect it to be, is it? And even though you wrote all this down, don't you still feel like you failed to capture the entire experience? I know I did. But it's so nice to finally read your story. Thanks for sharing!

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My husband's ability to create a mess in the kitchen never fails to amaze me. It doesn't matter what he does -- once he sets foot in there to prepare something -- ANYTHING -- the kitchen winds up a total disaster. I don't know how he does it. I don't know how it hasn't dawned on him to wipe up after himself. And I don't know how he has such a blind spot for kitchen messiness!

Makes. Me. CUHRAZY!!!

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Congrats on the job!! Such exciting news!! And man, that Parker is just the cutest. I want to eat her cheeks :)

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cosign. it's disgusting, but really? boycotting amazon? find a better cause.

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Awww, as I sit here bemoaning the fact that I can't get my snuggly little guy out of my bed, I can't help but be sad thinking of the day when he WON'T want to be in my bed and he stops waking up in the middle of the night. I've never minding the midnight feedings -- the quiet time we get together in the dark. And now, seeing your words, I realize how much I'm going to miss it!!

Also, note to self, MUST download the JT version of Hallelujah. SOBBED when I saw him perform it. The little Haitian orphans weren't really helping my emotional state...