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Rory Stewart is the candidate who is adored by people who would never vote Tory in a million years, and who would immediately turn on him if by some freak occurrence he won the contest and became Tory leader and Prime Minister.

I trust that, even if Tory MPs are unwise enough to enable him to be in the final round, Tory members will not be gulled into voting for this poundshop David Cameron.

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test. Edit: Thanks to whoever it was who unbanned me :).

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Friends! We on the Progressive Left - and there are many of us, friends, e.g. me - must back Theresa May to the hilt! She has many most attractive policies, e.g. uncontrolled immigration, and the complete collapse of the eBorders IT system at the cost of almost a billion pounds, that will surely appeal to all Progressive-minded people.

With Mrs May as Prime Minister, we'd scarcely need the Labour Party at all ...

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Friends! Things are getting, as Mark Wallace illustrates very clearly in his piece, very critical for Our Jeremy. (Ed Miliband is just the latest Labour MP to be particularly critical).

My latest Blog, "Jeremy Is Going Nowhere, Friends!", seeks to bolster him against the Far-Right Red Tory Traitors who snuggle, like serpents sharpening their teeth, in the bosom of the Good Ship Labour:

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Why on earth would the Tories risk an early Election? Leave aside, as others here have eloquently pointed out, the fact that, due to the Fixed-Term Parliament Act - another short-term fix which has all kinds of unpredictable and not necessarily beneficial long-term consequences - it will be extremely difficult to engineer an early election.

If the Tories won it, they would gain (assuming it was held in November) an extra 18 months in office compared with if they sit tight until May 2020.

If they lost it - unless someone wants to promise me it's a "dead cert" - you know, like those other "dead certs" we've experienced recently, e.g. the Tories not winning an overall majority last year, Jeremy Corbyn not becoming Labour Leader, or Leave not winning last week's Referendum - has it not occurred to anyone that the Tory Party is now the only Party in the HoC which wholeheartedly supports FPTP?

Talk about a gamble with very limited upside and enormous potential downside!

Last time there was this degree of speculation about an early Election - in 2007 - I seem to remember that those who were most enthusiastically pushing it got very badly burned indeed. For heavens' sake, don't allow this happen to the Tory Party!

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Theresa May does not deserve to be PM, for this particular reason above all:

If she is a genuinely a Remainer, then she is on the wrong side of the most important political decision to have been made in the UK since 1972 (the original decision by Parliament to join the Common Market, as it then was). It is surely important at this time for the country to have a Prime Minister who represents not just most Conservative voters, but also the majority of those people who voted in the Referendum.

If, on the other hand, as some people have suggested, she is a Leaver at heart, then her political opportunism in pretending to be a Remainer for reasons of expediency, makes her totally unsuitable for the role of Prime Minister.

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Hello Alan. My Blog is an attempt to parody those who will not accept the democratic result of the referendum (as well as other matters). Sorry to have misled you here, it was not my intention.

It is actually getting quite difficult to parody the modern Left - so crazy and extreme have they become in recent years - which is probably why you thought I was serious.

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Friends! 3 million odd people from all over the world, and indeed elsewhere, have now signed a Petition - often several times, such was their enthusiasm! - demanding a second Referendum on Our EU, and I, of course, back them to the hilt!

My new Blog - "What Do We Want, Friends? “A Second Referendum!” When Do We Want It, Friends? “As Soon As Our EU Will Allow It, That’s When!” - as usual, shows the way:

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Friends! Due to overwhelming demand from members from the Progressive Left - and there are many of us, friends, e.g. me - I have now produced a new Blog, "All Of Us On The Progressive Left Must Fight To Save Our Jeremy Against The Far-Right Red Tory Traitors, Friends!"

The highlight - some might say climax - is Jeremy's defiant performance of a specially-adapted version of Friend Gloria's anthem I Will Survive, in which I invite all of you to join in, in whatever way you see fit:

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Friends! For those of us on the Progressive Left - and there are many of us, friends, e.g. myself - this is a very sad day. Nonetheless, I have produced a brand- new Blog, hot off the press, in which I demand (a) Camoron's resignation, and (b) that he stands down by October! Yes, I know this is an audacious demand, but if by any chance Camoron actually does end up doing this, well, we'll all know who is responsible, although of course sheer modesty forbids me from naming myself: