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Whenever possible, the falsity of religious dogmas and ideas should be explained in a pleasant and decent way to the believers so that they start thinking critically about their beliefs. Offending religious people is useless and naive if the aim is to help them to give up their false beliefs.

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Iran, Israel and the Question of Nuclear Threat (Pat 3)

Nasir Khan, March 8, 2015

Only ignorant people will take the bait of a threat from Iran for real because there is no such threat. The Zionist leaders of Israel have been busy in scare mongering and nurturing such a non-existent threat for their geo-political objectives. For serious political observers and thoughtful politicians the whole game is only a baseless Zionist fabrication. Obviously, because of the Zionist power in the United States, there is much hostility towards Iran. That meets the domestic and regional interests of people like Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders; they are quite happy with this untenable situation. The speech by Netanyahu should be an eye-opener for the naïve gung hu Americans. But perhaps this writer is being over-optimist!

Only Israel has the stockpiles of nuclear warheads in the Middle East. We all know that. But Israeli leaders never say a word that they possess these deadly weapons, which can destroy the whole region in minutes. Even if (a big if though) Iran develops a nuclear device as a deterrent at some time in the future, say in 20 years, will it ever think of using it against Israel that has stockpiles of these weapons? The answer is absolutely in the negative. One thing is certain: Israel will wipe out Iran in minutes. The people of Iran are not so short-sighted; nor are their leaders ignorant of the reality of Israeli and American nuclear arsenal. At the same time, Israel is the only nuclear country that is keeping its nuclear a secret, let’s call it an open secret, which has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, an international treaty, opened for signature on July 1, 1968 to limit the spread of nuclear weapons. It does not submit to IAEA inspections either.

This Zionist leader on whose deceptive words US Congress danced is the man who killed over two thousand Palestinians in Gaza last year and caused devastation on a scale that can be compared with the destruction of Warsaw and Stalingrad at the hands of Nazi Wehrmacht. This unscrupulous leader is blaming the Hamas without saying a word that it is Israel that is keeping Gaza under siege; Gaza is the largest prison in the world. At the same time, the colonisation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem goes on unabated. Israeli rulers are systematically crushing the voice of a captive people who want liberation from the Zionist yoke and oppression. All this happens because Israel gets US financial and military assistance for whatever it does in the occupied Palestine. The reception of Netanyahu in Congress on March 3, 2015 was a grand spectacle of the Zionist power over the United States of America.
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Iran, Israel and the Question of Nuclear Threat (Pat 2)

Nasir Khan, March 8, 2015

If we guess what Netanyahu is good at then the first thing that strikes about him is his capacity to lie, deceive and manipulate others. At present, he has directed his energies to thwarting a nuclear deal with Iran and creating confusion between the powers involved in the negotiations. Because of his enormous political influence in Congress, and support of the AIPAC and the rest of the Israel lobby he can thwart the attempts of negotiators to find a solution. There lies the danger. In such a case, he will be free to push Washington for more punitive sanctions against Iran. In any case, his goal remains to involve the United States in a war on Iran as he previously did in the case of Iraq. Once Iran is demolished as a political force in the region, as happened with Iraq after the US invasion of Iraq, then Israel would be the sole undisputed regional superpower in the Middle East. That will enable the Zionists to pursue their objectives of further expansion and political control over the rest of the Middle East.

The Israeli leaders know that a peaceful outcome of the nuclear talks can have positive effects on US-Iran relations. They see it as a danger to their position and power within and over the United States. If United States can loosen the grip of Zionists and choose normal diplomatic and trade relations with Iran then that would mean the lessening of tensions in the region. Such a change in policy towards Iran will create an atmosphere of mutual trust and co-operation between the two countries. Other countries closely allied with America (except Israel) will also be happy to normalise relations with Iran. However, in the way of any such change stands Israel. It will not let United States follow such a course. As long as there is an unconditional support for Israel in Congress and American ruling elite, any change in US policy towards Iran will not be easy.

The Zionist leader used all deceptive ploys to make false charges of an Iranian threat to Israel and the rest of the world. He referred to the Holocaust and ‘Munich’, because the ‘genocidal’ Iranian regime wanted to kill all the Jews. To accentuate the effect of his tirade on Iranian threat, he referred to a story in the Book of Esther about a ‘powerful Persian viceroy … who plotted to destroy the Jewish people 2,000 years ago’ and ‘another attempt by another Persian potentate to destroy us’. Here this dishonest leader is distorting the facts again. In fact, in the olden times, Jews were well integrated in the Persian empires and Persians protected them. For instance, the great conqueror Cyrus the Great, the founder of the Achaemenid Empire, captured Babylon in 538 BC. He freed the Jews from their former captors and allowed them to return to their native land. They were free to practise their religion freely. He also started rebuilding the Second Temple at Jerusalem; however, he died before the temple was completed. During the reign of Darius the Great the temple was completed. Such are the facts of history, which the Zionist leader did not want to present to Congress.

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Iran, Israel and the Question of Nuclear Threat (Pat I)

Nasir Khan, March 8, 2015

On March 3, 2015, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel delivered his speech before a joint session of the US Congress. His reception was of a kind, which has amused very many of us around the world. Still, we may ask: For what was Netanyahu accorded such a heroic reception and standing ovations? Only the AIPAC, the Zionist lobbyists or US Congress may have the answer. Somehow, it seemed the US Congress had finally found the right man, almost a messianic figure, a saviour, who was among them to their great delight! All they had to do to show their esteem and devotion. This they did and in abundance.

During his speech, the members rose on their feet repeatedly as if they heard something novel. What he offered was only a theatrical performance that could easily have moved a Sunday school congregation but was hardly worth a fig for experienced legislators and politicians. Indeed, his deceptive rhetoric in his fluent American English was well suited for the audience. However, a few things did not tally with facts. First, he is not a messianic figure or a hero. Netanyahu is a vile politician, a ruthless Zionist leader who has committed the horrendous crime of genocide in Gaza only a few months earlier. ‘The fact that his obnoxious performance was received so warmly in Congress … is not surprising, but it is nonetheless discouraging for anyone interested in peace and foreign policy restraint,’ wrote Daniel Larison in The American Conservative.

In his speech, Netanyahu did what he could to sabotage the nuclear deal with Iran that the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and Germany are hoping to finalise soon. Just to pre-empt the deal he unleashed his foray of misleading claims that was to scare Congress and the American people. A nuclear deal with Iran was therefore a potential danger to the world and Netanyahu was only trying to save the world. Such scaremongering no doubt has many followers in Congress who will do anything to implement the Zionist agenda and block any US-Iran rapprochement.

Netanyahu said: ‘In the Middle East, Iran now dominates four Arab capitals: Baghdad, Damascus, Beirut and Sana. And if Iran’s aggression is left unchecked, more will surely follow. So at a time when many hope that Iran will join the community of nations, Iran is busy gobbling up the nations.’

Oh, really? Let us pause for a minute and see what the facts are. Iran has been a victim of imperial aggression for long. It is common knowledge that in 1953 the British and American governments overthrew the democratically elected government of Prime Minister Dr Mohammad Mossadegh and installed the Shah who proved to a loyal servant of his patrons. He furthered the U.S. interests in the region and was a close ally of Israel. In 1979, the Shah was overthrown and the Islamic regime took over power. The United States opposed the new rulers, not because they had introduced a religious system but because they opposed the role of US imperialism in the Iran during the oppressive rule of the Shah.

With the tacit approval of Washington, in 1980 the Iraqi president Saddam Hussein foolishly attacked and started the Iran-Iraq War that lasted until 1988. This long war proved disastrous for both Iraq and Iran. We should keep in mind it was not Iran that started this war. Iran has not invaded any country for over 200 years. No doubt, Tehran has regional interests but it has no ambitions to invade or conquer any neighbouring land or territory. If Netanyahu asserts to the contrary then he is doing it gain support for war from Congress, neo-conservatives and war hawks in America. He continues to threaten if US will not stop Iran, then he will do it. He has done his utmost to push America to war with Iran because it would serve Israel’s strategic interests in the Middle East.

In fact, Iran has no quarrel with Israel if the Zionists end the illegal occupation of Palestine and let the Palestinian people decide their destiny, live in freedom and dignity. Iran’s support for the Assad regime in Syria in the ongoing civil war has not been motivated to conquer Syria. The situation in Lebanon has been precarious due to the Israeli wars of aggression and military incursions. The Hezbollah with the support of Iran has confronted the Israeli aggressors but it is not the sole political force in Lebanon. The right-wing Christian militias have had Israel as a patron for many decades. Iran has no control over the Houthi coup in Yemen. The ‘gobbling up of nations’ by Iran is an absurd assertion by a warmonger.

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“And if there were a God, I think it very unlikely that He would have such an uneasy vanity as to be offended by those who doubt His existence”

― Bertrand Russell (1872-1970)

On a lighter note: Russell had his views on God. Here he is making a point by a conditional proposition relating to the existence of 'a' God. I was lucky to have seen him once speaking in a public meeting in Trafalgar Square, London, long time ago, in 1965 or 1966. But, if by any chance, I had met him then surely I would have asked him that if he wanted to talk about a God, then I had the names of many hundreds of gods, from different cultures and faiths, for his Lordship to reflect upon! In case, one was found wanting in some way, why shouldn't we turn to the second, or the third, the list is long? I can't say how he would have responded! But I am sure he knew that gods can be extremely jealous, intolerant and quarrelsome. If they really get angry with someone, then they show no mercy. There is no place to hide from such vindictive and ferocious beings. Therefore, I say to them: Please keep away from me! I'm a humanist and have no concern with you at all. Instead, you may get hold of some of those lucky ones who believe in you and show them your full power by chastising them!

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The truce between Gaza and Israel
Nasir Khan, August 27, 2014

All the well-wishers of the people of Palestine around the world are relieved to hear about the recent truce arranged between Gaza and Israel in the hope that it will put a stop to Israel carrying out further destruction and massacres in Gaza. Many people have voiced their opposition to the Israeli savagery in Gaza. But how long will the truce last or how will Israel behave in the days, weeks and months to come is yet to be seen. Zionist rulers of Israel can never be trusted for anything positive except for their unmatched expertise in deception and manipulation. As things stand at present, it is prudent to say that this truce means the temporary end of hostilities and nothing more.

Israel’s overwhelming military power in the hands of a rabid rightist government was used in the most destructive way over a population that practically has been defenceless and beleaguered by Israel. Despite all the destruction and massacres of a captive people, the resistance forces of Gaza have faced Israel with incredible heroic courage and determination. If they also had the sort of advanced weapons Israel used in Gaza then the carnage we watched on television screens would not have taken place.

Killing a defenceless people is easy and cowardly. What Israel did was to rain bombs and missiles on the Gazans without incurring any damage or loss itself because the Palestinians had no weapons to use against them. As a result Israeli military forces were free to indulge in an orgy of death and destruction with impunity. Despite this, the Palestinian resistance forces remained steadfast and unyielding. As a gesture of defiance they continued to fire rockets into Israel that did little or minimal damage. But their defiance against the brutal occupier and aggressor adds a new and glorious chapter in the history of the Palestinian people’s struggle for national liberation and emancipation. However, the road ahead will be long and tortuous.

We solute the brave sons and daughters of Gaza for their determined opposition to the Zionist barbarism in Gaza. They were alone to face a ruthless and insensate military power that was backed by the United States. They received no military help from any powerful state to fight off the aggressor. While powerful Western countries sided with the aggressor, the US-friedly Arab regimes remained either silent or followed the lead of the United States and the Zionist ringmasters. But large number of people in the world have stood with the people of Gaza. They showed this by public demonstrations against the incredible savagery of Israel in Gaza. They showed their solidarity with the Palestinians of Gaza in their dire situation.
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Disarming: Gaza or Israel?

Nasir Khan, August 7, 2014

Palestinians have been under Israeli occupation; they have been frequent targets of destructive Israeli wars and massacres. If common sense can be our guide in this situation than the solution is to disarm Israel and prosecute its war criminals for war crimes and crimes against humanity in ICC. Disarming Hamas? Hamas has no army, no air force, no missiles, no navy, no naval gunships, no tanks, no anti-aircraft missiles. If Israel has played havoc with the homes and buildings of the Gazans and killed people then the main reason for the Gazan tragedy lies in their inability to defend themselves.

Ideally, for Gazans to defend themselves against Israel's military might they need a matching military power and weapons. It is obvious that without this they have no chance to defend themselves and their homes. We have seen this what Israel is capable of doing in the 29-day war on Gaza. The Gazans have been at the mercy of Israeli missiles and powerful bombs that pulverised their homes and other structures. Unless Israel lifts the blockade, ends the occupation and develops a new approach towards the people of Palestine the conflict will not disappear.

But how can the Gazans under Hamas do that, to defend themselves militarily, remains an open question. The leaders of the 'New World Order' especially the United States will not allow that. There is no major country that is ready to give substantive material support to the Palestinians. Therefore the prevailing conditions will remain intact.

We need to keep in mind that Gaza is beleaguered by Israel from all sides including its air space. It is the largest open-air prison in the world. Now Israel by intentional destruction of the infrastructure of Gaza has made sure that its people would not raise their heads again against the ongoing occupation and blockade for years to come. But if they did at some stage then they would have Israeli war-machine on their heads again. It is as simple as that if we want to understand the Israeli position.

No doubt, this is an undefendable situation. To my mind the only explanation lies in the fact that it is military might that decides the fate of a subjugated people, not their rights according to international law or humane considerations. Yet the struggle of the Palestinians for their national liberation from the Zionist yoke needs universal support. The public demonstrations in many countries around the world denouncing the Israeli genocide and carnage in Gaza have been positive. They show a growing awareness among the people of the world about the plight of the colonised Palestinians.

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Nasir Khan, July 28, 2014

I don't know how to offer my Eid greetings to the millions of people who are hungry, homeless and are victims of wars, violence, oppression and discrimination. At this time, Israeli war on Gaza is in the third week. Israeli propaganda and American military, political and diplomatic support for Israel have been instrumental in presenting a totally distorted picture of the Palestine-Israel conflict. By using deceptive tactics and disinformation, they have succeeded in isolating the Palestinians and misleading the world public opinion about the reality of the Israeli occupation and expansion in the occupied territories. As a result, the victims are still being portrayed by the western imperial governments and the right-wing mainstream media as the aggressors who are threatening the security of Israel! So the powerful aggressor and occupier has become a victim while the powerless, dispossessed and marginalised Palestinian victim has become a threat to the 'security' of Israel!

1.8 million Palestinians in Gaza, who have been under the brutal Israeli blockade for the last seven years, are again being killed indiscriminately by Israeli aerial bombardment, ground forces and naval gunships. Once again, Israel has calculatedly been busy destroying and pulverising their houses, smashing the infrastructure and public utilities in the besieged enclave. Israeli armed forces with their overwhelmingly superior military force and advanced weapons are reducing Gaza to rubble from which it may not recover in the years to come. If the Israeli occupation and blockade will continue as now then any chances of rebuilding Gaza are zero.

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Sense and Nonsense

The discussion between the two is a non-starter because they are speaking from two different and totally opposite premisses. Mehdi Hasan, a journalist, is arguing on the basis of his ‘Islamic faith’. Therefore he feels comfortable to justify his belief in the flying horse of the Prophet Muhammad because many Muslims believe so. He doesn’t have to offer any rational explanation; his claims to his religion seem to work wonders for him, exonerating him of responsibility to offer any rational explanation in support of his standpoint. His manner of speaking and his populist assertiveness before the young audience shows he feels he has some superior knowledge which a scientist like Richard Dawkins doesn’t have! Apparently there is little ground for Dawkins to use any reasonable argument with someone who is a traditional believer in supernatural beings and miracles and has no inhibition that his beliefs run counter to all common sense and rational understanding of natural phenomenon. Here we have a clear instance of a religious person who rejects scientifc viewpoint and is immune to any rational view of the things the two were supposed to discuss.

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Islamist Terror in Pakistan and Religious Minorities

Nasir Khan, September 22, 2013

Yet another dastardly mass slaughter of 78 Pakistani Christians at the hands of Islamist criminals has shaken many of us. But this abominable crime is not an isolated episode; it repeats a familiar pattern within Pakistan where Islamist suicide bombers target religious minorities.

Today they chose Christians and perpetrated one of the worst mass killings of these poor, marginalised and discriminated people within the so-called ‘Islamic’ (!!) Republic of Pakistan. The bombers struck when the worshippers went out of the church to get a free meal of rice. Had the bombers chosen the congregation within the church, the death toll could have been in hundreds.

Such killings and rampant violence against others such as Shias, Ahmadis, and also some Left-wing political activists, have been going on unabated for a long time in Pakistan. It is no secret that the people behind these actions are mostly religious extremists and fanatic rogues. However, we should bear in mind that the Christians of Pakistan fall in a special category. In a caste-ridden society that prevails Pakistan, they have been at the lowest level of social ladder. Most of them are discriminated and seen as a people with ‘low social status’. Traditionally, the jobs they have done for generations have been cleaning, sweeping and other menial jobs.

Today’s barbarous crime is a major tragedy for all those people in and outside Pakistan with a human conscience who want to see an end to such bestial actions and have respect towards all human beings and security of human life in this country. We side with our Christian fellow citizens at this time and condemn what the criminals have done. But the real danger is that such crimes will be committed again. Such inhuman crimes have become so common in Pakistan that people take them as a matter of routine and say such was the ‘Will of God’.

After every such crime, political leaders and government officials offer a ritualistic condemnation and express their sadness but no concrete actions are taken to address the root cause of the Islamist terrorism in Pakistan. Unless there is a clear policy how to deal with this threat on a long-term basis leading to a general mobilisation to cope with the Islamist threat that is destroying the social fabric of this unfortunate country, nothing is going to change. Sadly, our anger and grief will not change the facts on the ground. Because the Islamist rogues are free to strike whenever they want or whoever they choose as their next target.