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Ponyville's Mayor!
Her mane's a bit squished down because I didn't leave enough space again.
I tried drawing her collar. I think I did ok.
She needs more recognition for the great job she's doing.
Also will she ever get a proper name?
I'm finding it tough to think of one myself.
My current choice is "Civil Ribbon"
Her previous gen counterpart had "Ribbon" in her name and the word "Civil" relates to council matters as well as a way of saying "nice" which I think fits the pony to be mayor of Ponyville quite well.

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Thank you. :)

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I've not been sharing my simple sketches on here for a while so here's Moondancer!
I tried leaving the eyelashes unfilled for some drawings.
Unsure whether I prefer it for these simple drawings or not.
I barely left myself enough space to fit her mane and tail on the page with this one. That's why there's a bit of table on the left. :P

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So do I.

Perhaps it's the games' way of telling you that you're playing too much. Only after cutting down and not getting caught up furiously grinding for that item will it give it to you.

Or.. sometimes things are just really, really annoying for no reason.

If it's the first answer.. that doesn't always work. It could backfire and make you want to play even more just to get an item.

If it's the second answer.. yeah, that's what it feels like, so it's probably that one.

Speaking of RNG loot drops..
Opened 30+ exact same relics fully refined in Warframe over 3-4 months = Never get the rare drop.
The pain is real.