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Do you know why Roger Ebert stopped reviewing Russ Meyer movies? Because they became friends and colleagues and it would be a conflict of interest. It wouldn't be ethical for him to review his films while having a personal relationship to him.

if only game journalists and game critics felt the same way, there wouldn't be this distrust and resentment that spawns the vileness we've seen from both sides. Imagine that.

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Let's see game media and nerd media discuss #Notyourshield. Do they have the balls for that?

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Game media decided it would rather serve publishers and developers than their own readers.Simple as that. Here's the thing. Gamers are winning. Those knee jerk reactions you saw everywhere else like "Death of the Gamer"? Its because advertisers are pissed right now, screaming down the necks of the likes of IGN and Kotaku and now they are lashing out at their own readers hoping it all just stops.

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A distrust that has been more than earned. Game journalism has been a cesspit of corruption since the mags of the 90's. Does anyone take game review scores seriously?

Ebert used to talk about quote whores. People who used to exchange favorable quotes to put on movie posters in exchange for money or favors.

In game journalism, such conduct wouldn't be condemned or even mentioned by even the most honest of game critics. They either see nothing wrong with it or are too cowardly to stand against it. That's why games will never be art. There is no serious game criticism to elevate them and there never will be.

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I just re-watched this last night for the first time since I was a kid and I was surprised by how times I still laughed. There are a few groaners in there, but a lot of great one liners as well. It has a plot. Characters actually talk to each other and have relationships with each other. Exposition is kept to a minimum. A nice pro-family message in there. Casey Jones is awesome. My only complaint is that other than Raphael, the turtles didn't get much characterization, especially Donatello.

Best line in the movie, a tie between: "I don't think its loaded, kid." and "I bet he never has to look for a can opener."

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I'm excited that the Atom is going to be on Arrow. For all of the shows faults, it has given me a perfect Deathstroke. A good Ray Palmer is certainly possible.

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I think the backlash and hate stems from how obnoxious he can be. If he was putting out quality work, that would help his image but his movies haven't been up to par. Bad Ass Digest has a bug up their ass about him that I never quite got, since he's so easy to ignore. The current culturally landscape completely negates everything that made Clerks special when it was released. It wasn't a well made movie, but in the mid-nineties, grungy indy films were all the rage. I was a fan of his and there are still movies by him that I still like, such as Dogma, but he was assigned way too much importance one way or another.

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Except for a lot of times in the prequels, it looked like two actors standing in front of a cartoon. Nothing felt lived in or real. CGI itself isn't a problem, but how its used can be. I thought the prequels used it badly.

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To be fair to the Internet, it really is a shitty title.

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Shred is another time zone!