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Why does the Nationals baseball team have this mindless flag waving thing in the third inning? What baseball tradition is there to justify it? Are major league baseball teams being paid for this? I'm sick of US wars, and of needless deaths, and wasting taxpayers' money.

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Very perceptive.

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The author's point of view is far fetched. I thought the model was inappropriate. He looked to be under 26 (so he could use his parent's policy) but also looked like a child of privilege. It would have been more meaningful to show someone who looked working class, or economically disadvantaged.

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Reagan said sending troops to Lebanon was the biggest mistake of his presidency. So you first complain he sent troops to Lebanon, and then you term his getting out of there "cowardly." I hope you see the contradiction in your position. Apparently you just think Reagan did nothing right. (I think he was a fairly mediocre president but I do give him the accomplishment that he didn't get us involved in invading countries, like The One and Bush have done.) Here is a fair assessment:

As Peter Beinart just wrote: "His final words as president were “the worst thing I ever did was send those troops to Beirut.”

What contemporary conservatives forget about Reagan was that while he spent billions trying to roll back communism, he shared the American people’s profound desire never to fight another war like Vietnam."

Reagan was so moved by the carnage in Lebanon that he read in full in public an extremely long letter by a chaplin at the scene describing both the carnage and the heroics.

You really should decrease your use of the f-word. It detracts from your arguments.

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He didn't kill 6000 American troops and countless civilians like Bush and Obama have done.

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It's not evident that the Democrats want to control Defense. The Senate armed Service Committee, controlled by the Dems, just gave a big increase to the Pentagon.

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This speech brought to you in part by a grant from Neocon, Inc., where our motto is "Building better bombs for America so we can afford Ivy League schools for our kids."

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$130 billion this year on Afghanistan not enough for you? Who do you work for? Xe? Boeing?

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haha with occasional steps sideways

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Actually, Reagan only sent troops to Grenada in 8 years. He spent lots of $$ on defense, but he wasn't one for sending poor kids from the south to foreign soil.