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Following Mark Watches has given me the best reaction to give on other people doing things for the first time.

And so I present that reaction to reach to this post.


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Here are the links to my Dropbox folder for the respective stuff

Mark Watches Veronica Mars S4:
Mark Watches Stein's Gate:

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I'm working remotely while living with my wife and kids (5yrs and 8mth) and dad, neighboring my cousin and his family.

Trust me, "just a cat" is more a blessing :D

Focus is hard (hey, I'm here in markspoils during 'work' hours), but schedule is rigidly maintained by the wife, as written in the rules of engagement.

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On cloudy days, I still recall his being complacent about cliffhanger season enders for TNG and then got hit by Best of Both Worlds, and I smile.

I just realise, Mark's like a reverse Dementor, isn't he?

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Proud to say that I'm probably one of the first who wrote BenxGwen on the Ben 10 fandom. Dabbled a bit on Love Hina, Card Captor Sakura, and Gatekeepers. Wow, these are OLD stuff.

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I have actually started writing fanfics again. I had to dust my FFN account to post it. Eight more months and it would have been 10 years since I updated my profile.

That said, reading old fluffy reviews from my old fluffy stories made my day. Also, I can't believe some of them are still getting some views. And one of them (the even more fluffy one) actually still get reviews now and then, twelve years after it was posted. Gratifying stuff.

Anyway, I used to write stories with multi-thousand-word stories (and once a 20k one), but this newest one wasn't even 500. I think a passing muse hit me over the head with a story idea and some rusty wheel in my head started moving.

That, or it's because I'm trying to lower the amount of time I spend on my mobile. Some people claim it wastes time you would otherwise use to wonder and imagine, and it's a critical time for a creative person.

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I had an idea, having seen the post in the Black Market thread for this week's videos.

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I mean, to each their own, I suppose... but why?

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I read it as CSS and was momentarily confused-slash-alarmed.

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Thanks! :)