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So one time in school, I was at a youth lecture about drugs or abstinence or something. The guy giving the lecture was asking pop culture questions to the students to make them engage with the material. He asked things like "Is Justin Timberlake a Backstreet Boy or in NSYNC?" and "What is Batman's real name?" and so on. I shouted out the answers with the rest of the crowd. Even though we knew it was lame, we liked shouting and being right, so we played along.

Then he asked where Superman's powers came from, and I shouted "THE SUN!" Apparently, I was the only one in the room who knew it. The guy looked at me with a patronizing smile and then told me with supreme confidence that Superman's powers radiated from the pieces of his home planet of Kiptron. The little shithead next to me laughed and said "Girls don't know anything about Superman."

I remained adamant. Superman's powers came from our yellow sun. *Krypton* was his home planet that had orbited a red sun, and pieces of the destroyed planet were actually his biggest weakness. You know, Kryptonite?

The lecturer blinked a few times and the little shit next to me rolled his eyes as if I was wrong. Then another kid feebly agreed with me.

"It doesn't matter, he's not real," said the lecturer and continued on.

I learned so many important lessons that day and not a one of them had to do with drugs or abstinence.