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The 'shotgun' sounds wacky, but Warcraft has always mixed its fantasy with a little steampunk style technology. The Dwarves, for instance, like their flintlock rifles and even have siege engines ( The craziest of these machines in the Warcraft universe would have to be gunships like the Skybreaker (, one of which we see in the new WoW expansion trailer:

Of course none of this is going to show much in the movie for sure, im just interested to see how they play this out given that the story seems to be different to the established lore. Will have to wait and see if this is a good thing.

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lol, so many people cheating :P

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Steampunk Changelings dontcha mean? :P

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Technically that 'collar' is a hat. Search 'Battlegear of Might' and you'll see what i mean :P

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A gemstone set into a pair of armored boots/gloves doesn't make it Rarity's cutie mark. That's how the boots/gloves look on the armor set from World of Warcraft.

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They forgot Disneys Gargoyles :(

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I should probably state that here in Australia (like most of the world) the dates go Day/Month/Year. So the box set is due on the 4th of June ;)

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I still remember the year the followers of helix condemned FiM as heresy and tried to destroy our fandom. intense days indeed.

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Dammit. beaten to the punch :P