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Dude, I seriously doubt anyone would give you crap for thinking DBZ went on too long. Even the creator thought the Buu saga was extraneous and, personally, I lost interest in the anime by the time Cell was wreaking havoc, but at least the ending of that would have been a good coda for the series.

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Twenty percent of what sample size, Ron?

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Haha, you read my mind!

The entire prequel trilogy is an example of what can happen when the creator's vision differs strongly from that of his fan-base.

A cautionary tale, if one would.

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Fun fun, I get to play devil's advocate!

I think Firefly, at this point, has crystallized enough that further episodes would come across as a betrayal instead of a boon.

To clarify: It sucks that the show was cut so short. I would have loved to see Joss gradually build to the River reveal, to see the relationships shift and churn, but I don't think that would work, today. Now we have Serenity and, on top of it, years and years of time spent thinking about the show and its universe on the back-burner. There are ideas in most fans' heads, I guarantee you, as to what happened in the intervening time between the final episode of the series and Serenity, but what's in one person's head is going to be so vastly different from what's in another's that an "official" Joss answer might only prove frustrating.

Do you really want to know all the things you think you want to know? As soon as you do, all that thought and effort you've poured into speculation is sunk, is made entirely arbitrary by the reality upon which the show settles. I'd rather live in uncertainty, with the characters playing roles I've inferred from what I've already seen, but maybe that's just me.

I'm not glad the show ended when it did, but I'd be happiest, now, if it were not to continue.

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I think the He-Man/Panthro bondage comparison would be a little tired at this point, so I'll just allude to it instead of making it.

Wait... Am I inadvertently making it by even referencing it? A-hem.

On the note of He-Man, though, I'm curious. I actually enjoyed the He-Man reboot, brief though it was, and as long as this isn't all fight sequences/baton-spinning contests it should be enjoyable. Also, as long as Lion-O isn't the young upstart who needs to be brought down to earth in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE.

Trust me, this, or something like it, will happen. I can read it in his character design.