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I managed not to cry about this the whole time but NOW I'm tearing up at work.

I love you all. Carry on my beautiful witches.

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I remember that piece! It was super and you are wonderful too!

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Yes I feel you about the emotional labor and resenting the role I was cast into re: effort of creating a registry and thank you notes (I could go on for days about my irritation over thank you notes)

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Love the username! Poor, overlooked, genius Zelenka. The Zelenka oboe trios are my go to "need to get back in shape pronto" resource because they are delightfully complex, difficult and so so much fun to play.

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Are his claws in need of a trim? Maybe he keeps getting stuck on the blanket (or just was painfully stuck once) and now associates the blanket with stuck claws.

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Awful yet slightly comforting at the same time.

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Wanders off to sit on a rock and contemplate existential crises...

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Speaking of dirtbags, how about Beethoven going to court to try to get custody of his nephew taken away from his own sister after she became a widow! And Beethoven was supposed to be a fun guy (before going deaf that is).

I want to sit at a bar with all of you, get drunk and talk about dead music people.

Do you think Toasties would be up for a Dirtbag Composers article?

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As a classical musician I've found myself tending to believe composers' wives had a whole lot more to do with the final product than simply keeping the house and children. My favorite though is Clara Schumann around whom the whole German arts scene circled. She was a BAMF if there ever was one and probably wrote most of the songs and song cycles accredited to Robert around 1840 as he famously despised that genre.

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Yes! I just went to an allergist for the first time last month at the ripe age of 34 because my lips suddenly started swelling up after eating some foods. They initially did not believe me to be allergic to food instead of having an environmental allergy that got in food (apparently cucumbers and melons are bad for this) but it turns out I'm allergic to eggs and goat milk on top of my normal lactose intolerance. Also allergic to a bunch of other environment stuff (cats, dogs, cockroaches, dust mites, trees, weeds, grass, etc) too but most of that I already knew from experience.

I did go a little "Streetcar Named Desire" in the allergists office after they told me about the goat milk allergy -- "Feta! Feettaaaaa!!"