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Love it; love the title too, "Life After Birth."

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This man is wondrous; his words run to all the warrens of my mind.

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I am in mid-70s; a writer, with a voice of a 35 year old, and some graphic novels win Pulitzers; like Maus I and II, actually I think I did. Marjane Satrapi is another graphic artist of great note, and don't overlook Hyperbole and a Half, by Allie Brosh, a blogger who just published this hilarious, rock your ribs with laughter. I will follow her to the ends of the earth. I am a voracious reader, and not generally a graphic novel devotee, but I would follow all of these people.

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I saw the film yesterday and ddidn't view it as a penance. I honored those who had suffered so, and now in my generation (which is ebbing a bit), it is my call to pay attention to the "exigencies of the age" I live in; which most vital and challenging issue in this country is racism. It is a core issue, and it is pernicious;.

Yes, I felt the pain, and I accept that, I am only a small knot in a fisherman's net, but I believe we all make the difference.

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I think the world needs more porches. I am like an untrained Dalmation and bound up to stranger and friend alike; there's a lot of joy is momentary exchanges.

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My gosh - this is amazing; what wonderful people! fascinating article; i'll share with lots of people.

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I adore him

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I'd walk past pug dogs in a park, no matter the resplendency of their curved forms; I'd put down a ham sandwich slathered with mayo and bedded with lettuce, topped with bread and poppy seeds, iId put off going to the library even though I have 26 books waiting, and I'd get my name on a list to go to the moon when it is thin and circly and looks like a hammock, but I'd never, ever, never ever, not read a poem of Jack Grapes.

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Wonderful article; I've read a lot of these on the list and who or what would I be without them?

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Wonderfully said; fascinating - all the shadows of good and evil