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We will be planning an impeach Obama protest for this visit. Details will be posted here.

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A car being driven at 70 mph goes 103 feet in a second. You have about 4-5 seconds for the driver to read what's on the bridge, assuming the letters are big enough to be seen 4-500 feet away. You are lucky, if they get anything more than the Impeach Obama message.

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The President cannot be arrested, until he has been impeached and convicted. I believe the Supreme Court ruled on that about 100 years ago, not to mention he has the federal police agencies and the entire US military to protect him. Congressmen cannot be arrested on their way to work, though they can be arrested, when they are off duty and that is guaranteed in the Constitution. The Supreme Court ruled the President has the same protection and he is always on duty.

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There's another one that says "NOT ELIGIBLE." All we can do is make a real quick reference to such issues. The message has to be extremely simple and in huge letters. Two words is about all that can be understood on a sign and it has to be very direct.

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Yes, too many Republicans see principles as a problem, which they wish could be completely eliminated and that the voters would follow orders like zombies.

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Have you illiterate half-wits not read a damn thing about the black nationalist cult religious movement in the last four frigging years? The belief is that the black man is literally god. Read a damn history book for a change and make the connection. Start with the books by and about Elijah Muhammad and the books by James H. Cone on Black Liberation Theology. That is where Black Liberation Theology primarily comes from. The illiteracy of Americans is literally killing the country, because they don't have enough brains to comprehend history. If it ain't happening today they don't think it matters.

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I am a white conservative and will not be voting for the RINO Mormon high priest, who dodged the Vietnam war and hides his money off-shore, so he can cheat on his taxes. Just shows how bankrupt Republicans are that they nominated this character. There are a lot more people like me.

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I agree with that, but a lot of people should be complaining about the lack of action on this, not just Arpaio.

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You've got it. If more people understood this technique, I believe, we could nail him on it. The usual response of people to this sort of thing is emotional and panic. People have to think calmly and logically about what he is doing to respond to him effectively. He is trying to elicit an hysterical response. Provocation is standard practice among occultists and in the entertainment business.

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The Constitution does not support presidential nullification. That would be called a coup. You have to have Congress try him to have him removed (impeachment).