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"Why does life have to be so ironic!"

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WAIT JUST A MINUTE! Isn't today April 1st?

You almost had me, Seth. You almost had me.

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Not the greatest thing ever, but still pretty awesome. It's only real downfall IMO was the voice acting, the VAs didn't really sound like their actual in-show counterparts (especially Rainbow). The animation was incredible, on the same level as the show, definitely. The plot was pretty good. Writing was okay, kinda slow sometimes. I really liked how Zach used a lot more visuals than dialogue to tell the story in some parts. I liked the crossover, it was a really cool twist, though it didn't make much sense. Overall:

Animation: 11/10
Story: 7/10
Writing: 6/10
Voice Acting: 5/10
Overall: 7/10

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G3 pinkie is creepy
Twilight better not become an alicorn, that would ruin everything IMO.
Mini ponies looks hilarious.

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To all who were in Xyro's stream:

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Well I first found out about it just derping round the internet. Something about Derpy came up and I looked it up. Then I was like "wut."
My cousin was a brony and I asked him why he watched MLP. He showed me the season 2 premiere and I'll admit I liked it from the start. From there it was all downhill and I started right around the middle of season 2, right after the Hearth's Warming episode. This is my first pony drought and it's been hard, but the end is in sight! :D

Thanks to all you guys for being such a great fandom!

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When did Scootaloo stop liking Sweetie Belle?!

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LOTR all the way
Twilight as Gandalf
Applejack as Aragorn
Rainbow Dash as Gimli
Fluttershy as Frodo
Rarity as Legolas
Pinkie Pie as Merry/Pippin
Discord as Sauron
Chrysalis as Saramon
Changelings as Orcs
Various background characters as BG ponies

We need this.

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I wish I lived in LA. Everything MLP-related seems to happen there.

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FINALLY! A Wild Sky Yonder update! Best fic ever.