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What's the point, we already know what the reviewers are gonna say. "ZOMG RAINBOW ROCKS IS THE BLEST" Too bad I'm not good at reviews, cause I'd tear this movie to shreds.

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This video left my mouth ajar.

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I would vote for it. If I thought it deserved a vote.

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Originally I wasn't going to watch it. I hated the first one so why would this be any better? But I decided I should be fair and give it a chance. And what did I think? It sucks just like I thought. But to be fair, it's actually better a lot better than the first one. There were many improvements and fixed problems that the first movie had. And I'm glad with what they did to sunset shimmer. Not to mention the songs were better. But overall the movie still had many inconsistencies, plotholes and missed opportunities,and while it wasn't as stupid as the first movie, it was still pretty boring.

TL;DR: Better than the first, but still bad.

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I somewhat agree with this. I think this was still a pretty bad movie, having several of the same flaws as the first one, and it seemed even MORE boring at times. But with that being said, I think it's much better than the first. The songs were better, sunset shimmers role was enjoyable, the cardboard-cutout relationship between Twilight and flash is kinda downplayed, and the climax was a lot more awesome, not to mention the dazzlings were entertaining(even if they were a bit over the top).

All in all it's still a bad movie, but it's far better than the first.

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Scaring the little GIRLS!?!?!?!

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I can't wait till all this Equestria girls garbage blows over

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As long as they stay away from FIM, I don't care.

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True, but to be fair twilight wouldn't even be a princess(and possibly not even have friends) if it wasn't for Celestia.

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Luna is the night, which technically means she's the moon and the stars. And I never said twilight wasn't a princess.