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I hear you, Frowner. Very upsetting to know there are so many men like this. They keep turning up.

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I'm sorry for the confusion.

I was referring to SE as the "pro-womanist" in quotation marks, because I do not consider him pro women, or pro women's goals.

I was not questioning your womanist creds.

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I appreciate the apology.

I do think he should be banned, but that is not my call.

I will not consider this space safe with a "pro-womanist" like SE hanging about around here. His story is incredibly upsetting, and I experience it as a sort of terrorism. He reminds us that there are men like himself out there everywhere, and creating that fear in us is a way for him to control us. If he is around, I am not safe.

Thank you for your response.

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Hi Renee,

May we please have an apology?

I recognize that you were unaware of snowdrop explode's past.

However, now that you are, I'd like to ask for an apology for providing this rape-minded man as an expert on consent. I know of several readers who are very triggered by this post, and by the fact that womanist musings has not spoken out against snowdrop explode. Thank you.

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I don't think a man who nearly raped and killed a woman is a good consultant on the topic of consent.

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Here is the link It is certainly not womanist. (TW)

I quote snowdrop explodes, "And, because of my sexual orientation as a sadist and a Dominant, and the firm belief that my depression gave me, that I could never find a willing partner, gradually my mind turned to rape, and how I might commit a rape and get away with it.

Slowly, I began putting together a rapist’s kit that would enable me to carry out the crime if an opportunity arose. Part of me believed it never would arise, and that I was just role-playing for fun. But the darkness and depth of my mental illness knew that I was for real....On a dank and overcast afternoon, I set out onto the local golf course to walk the dog. In my pockets I was carrying the equipment I had put together – ropes to tie her with, and to strangle her with; a condom to make sure I didn’t leave DNA; a bottle full of clean water, to wash her body and get rid of as much trace evidence as I could; a knife to intimidate her and gain control (and to cut her throat if she struggled too hard). I don’t remember if there was anything else in the equipment....
Then, nearing the end of the walk, my heart leapt in my chest. A young woman, alone, not even a dog with her. Walking slowly, she was maybe 50 yards away across the fairway. I would never have such an easy opportunity as this, and what I’d rehearsed in my mind so many times started to go into action. I increased my pace and started to catch up with her, approaching from behind, walking softly but quickly across the damp grass. She never once looked behind her. She seemed oblivious to my presence. I reached my hand into my pocket and pulled out the rope, grasping it ready in both hands to pull it tight around her throat and silence any screams before they began. By now, I was only about 3 yards away as she entered the woods at the side of the fairway. I closed the gap, maybe a yard away, now. At that moment, I was there – her life was in my hands. I could easily have slipped that rope over her head and around her neck – I was picturing it in my mind as I walked behind her, and she still didn’t seem to have noticed that I was there…

I was there, the means, motive and opportunity all within my grasp, no physical barrier to my acting, and destroying her young life, and my soul, forever.

I was there, where there should have been a huge line in the sand, and in my mind there was nothing. No reason not to step over that line. The whole world was just the same to me whether I did or didn’t do it. I felt no moral reason not to kill her, not to have my way with her as I murdered her. I felt no physical, no mental, no emotional reason not to do it. In that moment, I had one foot already over that line, and all it would take was a single flowing motion of violence and energy, and I would forever have crossed that line.

For a few seconds, I was there, and I could have done it. But I chose not to act. That final step that would have condemned me forever as a sadistic rapist and murderer, never happened. And I will never know for sure why not.

I doubt that my potential victim that afternoon knows how close she came to death. How could she?

And in the end, there is only one fact that could possibly explain why I didn’t feel like murdering her. That fact is that I had, less than an hour before taking the dog for his walk, been watching an erotic movie of a woman being hanged. I had masturbated to orgasm while watching it. And, as near as I can guess, the fact that I had sated my sadistic death-fetish desires in that way is the only thing that saved that woman’s life."