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I think preteen ministry is a perfect ministry for collaboration. It's more of a both/and situation. However, I think the greater responsibility falls to the youth ministry, as I think most preteens desire to belong to that community more than the younger community. I don't think we need another department, just a more diverse strategy.

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But if you had to encourage people to vote for just one blog, it would be Small Town Kidmin, right? (As one can see, I have not discontinued my shameless self-promotion and I am not withdrawing from the campaign).

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I'm with you. There is little better in the world than sitting and enjoying a baseball game, especially with friends or family.

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When will you guys be making this available? Is it something we can use this year, or will we have to wait until next year. I've hit a major roadblock with planning our Easter service and could sure use a jumpstart.

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While you are voting for Wayne, go ahead and vote for small town kidmin in the southeast regional. While not voting for me does not make you "cold and heartless," (because I would never even suggest such a thing about nice people such as yourself) a vote for small town kidmin will show your generosity.

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While you're voting for Dad in the Middle and Kidmin1124, scroll on down to the bottom of the page and vote for Small Town Kidmin. This year I'm up against Kenny Conley and Jonathan Cliff, so you know I need the help.

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Excellent tips Sam.

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Let me start by saying, you're awesome.
As someone who grew up Pentecostal and is now a minister in a Pentecostal fellowship, I can see where you could have grown up with some of those thoughts, Fortunately, I didn't. But it is a great reminder that I need to be careful that the kids who are in my church. I want them growing up with a firm foundation of faith.
There are days when I'm sick or struggling and I just want to hop over to the store and pick up some extra faith, or sprinkle on some holy water, or pray a little harder, but as long as I am a fallen human in a fallen world, I'm going to get sick and people around me are going to have to face death. It's tough, because I believe that God can heal them and I want so bad for them to get better, but I have to trust Him.
True faith is being certain of what we do not see. I don't always see God's hand at work in every situation, but I have faith (I trust) that He's at work.
Oh and I agree with Todd. Not all Pentecostals are crazy. :)

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I think as long as the guy who oversees children's ministry is the family pastor, we are going to continue to lose the kids in record numbers when they head to middle school or high school and especially college. I say this because the family is still the most important institution for sharing the Gospel during the teen years. I think fammin has to be bigger than just one area of ministry. I love it when the family pastor oversees all ministries birth through college (or even more than that). I have to agree with Justyn that ultimately family ministry is a culture, not just a position.
I also think a lot of this is dependent on the person and the place of ministry. In some churches, kids' pastor may be a more appropriate title and in others, family pastor may better suit. I really don't think there is a "right" answer in this, just a better answer for different places.

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So this begs the question, what can I do to be the next Sam Luce? But seriously, thanks so much for your passion and insight. I can see that you care so much less about being famous and so much more about passing on your knowledge to others and I appreciate that. It is that attitude that makes me want to learn more from you and that keeps me coming back to this blog. Which brings up another question, when you die, can I have your blog?