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Hey Kira,

Nice post full of enthusiasm and positive thought. I need you to do the maintenance on my site! LOL I am glad I read this post about thinking outside the box. That is what I try to do. I have been trying the last 10 yers or so to act and not react to situations that arise. Great post! Sally

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I signed here and forwarded as well. Sally

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I love your site & I love Redheads! Even my dogs have Red Hair!

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Hi Christine,

This sounds really good. I think I will give it a try! Thanks for posting. Sally

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I really like your post. I bought a Nook color. I haven't figured out how to use it. I'm thinking of trading it in and getting the Kindle Fire. Sally

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Thank you for the great review of his book. I am going to check out the audio book cause that sounds like something good to listen to while I'm working on the computer or driving. Sally
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Hi Dana,

I like your site. I'm always looking for healthy ways to eat so will be visiting your site. I have subscribed to your feed as well. Sally
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Hi Kira,

We're already friends everywhere & I'm happy about it. Great post to get people to follow you on all the sites. I may have to try this straight forward technique. Sally
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Hi Kira,

You are so right about Blog Engage. My traffic and comments have doubled and I'm loving my membership at Blog Engage. Sally
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HI Cyn,

So good to see your are back. Hope you are doing well. Wow! This sounds like a great motivational camp. I hope attendance is good. I'll share on my site in case someone from your area sees it and is interested. Sally