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The rug's artist has an etsy page where she sells prints (including the octojellyfish) for much more affordable prices. The shop is called UnitedThread. I've long been an admirer of her work but haven't ordered anything.... yet.

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Oh! I'd recommend watching the show Miranda. It pairs witty, awkward, charming, and gorgeous (but not thin) Miranda Hart with conventionally attractive and foxy Tom Ellis. Miranda Hart is a treasure, and the Will They or Won't They in this show is great (read: super frustrating but you love it). It's not a perfect show (there are some other issues, I think), but it's really awkward and funny and all three seasons are on Hulu.

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Yes, Good Stuff is great. The burgers are very tasty, but my favorite thing on their menu is the smores milkshake. It tastes like a campfire.

And agreed about Aatish on the Hill. If you want Indian food on the hill, get it from Cusbah on H St. Best palak paneer I've ever had.

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And a few other people mentioned Capitol Hill Books. Go! It is right by Eastern Market, and there are SO MANY BOOKS, often with snarky notes left by the man who owns the place. Every second Saturday of the month from 4-7pm, they have free wine and cheese on the back patio, plus a 10% discount on your purchase.

Oh, and if it's decent out, walk over to the Congressional Cemetery. Tons of cool old graves to look at, and it is also a dog park. It's fun to see dogs pooping on the graves of old congressmen. And there's a yummy little pretzel place run out of rowhome that will be on your way, so stop there for sustenance (it's called The Pretzel Bakery, on 15th and D SE).

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Yay for staying on Capitol Hill! It's a lovely little neighborhood (and happens to be my home).

Seconding Rose's Luxury in Eastern Market. They don't take reservations, but if you get in line around 4:15 on a Tuesday-Thursday and wait til they open at 5:30, you'll get the first dinner seating or you can put your name down for the second seating and then go wander around Barracks Row until they text you. Food is outstanding (one of the best meals of my life), the drinks are delicious, and the people are lovely. The last time I ate at Rose's I saw President Obama, who was eating there for his birthday. You should 100% go, especially since you'll be so close.

Thirding/Fourthing Zaytinya in Chinatown/Penn Quarter (you can take the D6 bus into Chinatown if you're staying in the NE part of the Hill). It's the best Jose Andres restaurant imo. Fairly easy to get a reservation on opentable if you plan ahead a few days. Get the brussels sprouts.

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I do have an adblocker on, and I just whitelisted IntenseDebate (you beautiful warriors have been whitelisted for ages), but that didn't work. However... I just dusted off my old Internet Explorer, and it's letting me log in!
Anyway, I'm glad sharing weird orb/maybe ghost stories has pulled me out of six months of lurking. Hooray for commenting, and thank you, Nicole!

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Oh man, like most of the folks above, I love a good gin drink during the summer. My go-tos are a cucumber lavender one I named The Sabrina (after my roommate's mother, as she was the first to try one) and a grapefruit one. To make The Sabrina, mix like 10 dashes of lavender bitters, juice from half a lime, and some agave syrup together. Add 2 shots of gin and maybe about the same amount of cucumber juice (this is great if you're making tzatziki sauce, cause you can just save what you squeezed out of the cucumber you're turning into sauce). Then throw in some ice cubes and top with club soda. And for the Grapefruit Drink - mix a bit less than half a shot of Benedictine with juice from half a lime, 1-2 shots gin, juice from a quarter of a grapefruit, ice, and club soda. Note that all of my measurements are approximate. I just mix stuff together until I like what I taste.

Also, Nicole, I went to the JHU Arts & Sciences Masters graduation ceremony last Friday and saw your name under outstanding graduates in the Writing program. Congrats!

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Oh jeez, this is wonderful.

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I like this explanation. It gels with those pre-vampire scenes of him as a drunk asshole in Ireland. Same soul. Same asshole when drunk.

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Also, he boned Darla in season two of Angel, fully expecting to lose his soul after he orgasmed, but he didn't because Darla wasn't his One True Love to bring him a Perfect Happiness Orgasm (I think this was really just to open the door to him having sexual relationships with other characters). And then there was also an episode where someone slipped him "happy pills" in his drink and he became Angelus, but only until the pill wore off. I can't remember the explanation they came up with for that, because using that logic, he would only be Angelus while in the throes of his Perfect Happiness Buffy Orgasm.