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So, there are no "good" guys in the butchery handed to our world courtesy of Bushco? Gosh if that isn't disappointing.

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Afghanistan, America's permanent quagmire.

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Well said Nathaniel. However given the mental retardation that infects most of US foreign policy, chances are about slim and next to none that any form of détente with Iran might happen. But this is a brand new year and hope springs if not eternal.

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Dear Istvan:
There's not much can be done about Uncle Cranky the Senator John 'dementia' McCain. The man is off the reservation and out of his freaking mind. McCain is dangerously worse than a loose cannon. McCain's collaboration with his North Vietnamese jailers left him a bit unhinged and the passage of time has failed McCain miserably. The passage of time turned McCain into a bitter old demagogue and we all know that about the only thing to be done with a bitter old demagogue is to tuck them within the safe confines of a padded room and perform routine maintenance periodically.
I'm an Arizonan and I would love nothing more than to see Uncle Cranky put out to pasture. So please disregard ANYTHING that vomits from the mouth of McCain. Generally McCain spouts disjointed psycho-babble with a side of saber rattling and not much else.

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The US military is flying 'cover' for Santa?

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America's Gestapo is out of control. Given their blanket immunity from prosecution for murders, the fools need to STFU. Who'd have thought that NFL players could be the conscience of an outraged public.

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The United States of America is done. A ruthlessly failed state armed to the teeth with the nastiest weaponry ever design by the evil men of war and a failed state willing to work crimes against humanity with impunity.

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I'll bet that John Boehner won't be "suing the President" over this executive action. The wars grind on and on. It is interminable if not wholly outrageous.

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Hi William:
You have stated the obvious far better than I ever could have. Bravo my man.

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Dempsey will do what the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff always do, he will equivocate.