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G'day Subluna, have you considered ditto = not so much stupid, but more 'just following orders' = doing what 'earns' the ~30 sheckels? The demonstrated modus operandi is a) 1st appears as jovial know-it-all, chatting with as many 'partners' as possible, with special attention given to the margins, i.e. to posters 'on the fringe' who rarely get anything other than negative attention. Thus, b) the accumulating fanboyz coterie. Then c) on selected topics - 9/11 as 'prime example,' ditto then acts as 'agent provocateur' to denigrate/divert/derail rational discussion? IMHO, part 'judas goat,' part gate-keeper, all cynically, hypocritically sinister. As an item of proof, see the recent charm offensive following the 'shekels' mention = over-sensitive reaction [think: as if stung by a snake], plus almost gratuitously attacking US/Z targets, most atypical. rgds

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So? As if I didn't know? As if Aus is not junior-UK? There's many a Sydney/Melbourne suburb (like S'nives, say) indistinguishable from slums in London. The filthy 5th column is *not* a respecter of borders. Haw.

Update: 'Bungalow' style, i.e. semi/detached cottages. 1st sight reaction: (Depending on origin): Shít! This looks exactly like Sydney/London!

The fact is that the filthy 5th column hides amongst us *exactly* like thieves in the night, or day, but always lies, cheating and/or robbery.

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Jackaroo "stupid Pommy bastards"

Me: No quibbles - except that it's not 'just' Pommies [alternative spelling: Pohms = prisoners of her majesty] who are stupid, it's much of the rest of the Anglos, plus a few other sycophants; a more complete list is the majors = US, F+UK, D then tiddlers = Cdn, Aus & NZ. Then, it's not so much the sheople as the rogue regimes doing the damage.

Parasites go largely unnoticed by their hosts, even when those parasites trick the host into behaviour dangerous to the hosts. In this case, the parasites are rather invisible [any distinguishing *visual* characteristics being 'obvious by absence' i.e. *not* in any way Semitic, say] but their presence should announce itself by the induced behaviour, and the worse that behaviour, the louder the alarms. So the theory. The illegitimate entity was, from its earliest 'modern' invocation always planned to be an outlaw operation, all doubt being removed by the King David Hotel bombing then absolute latest with the Plan Dalet descent into supreme international war crimes.

All those who can a) recognise those crimes yet b) do nothing to attempt to rectify those crimes, c) assign part-guilt to themselves by the accessory mechanism. These days, an expression "material assistance to terrorism" has come into vogue.

It's really not too hard to see what's going oh, so dreadfully wrong - so where are the adults?

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Yes. Mind you, IMHO ABC = Anybody But Clinton was the 'best' result, given that it really was the choice of the lesser evil. That the US could get so far as to present Clinton vs. Trump as a pinnacle of democracy is not just ludicrous but a crime against decency; I must again wonder "Where are the adults?"

Then, did "the briefing" actually include "Do what we say or get JFK'd?"

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Is there more than one Virgil?

The Samson Option is a threat against much of the world: "Most European capitals are targets for our air force."

In other words, murderous blackmail.

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tictac "God recently revealed"

Me: Kindly substantiate.

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That's "garnishee" to you.

And IF one has no money THEN one gets off scot-free, eh?

Apropos pitchforks, Washington has literally bigger and better guns; militarised police, say, then there'd be the [Kent State?] national guard.

But if you still insist on pitchforks, I want to see you right up front. Haw.

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Some left vs. right was discussed in some detail below, some 5 hours ago.

Some right vs. wrong was just posted here.

Kindly note the concluding words: Pseudo liberal dilettantes.

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Ray Joseph Cormier "Christian Churches cannot discern"

Me: The Christians, as perhaps most other religions (possibly excepting Buddhism&ilk) are based on a total irrationality = some alleged deity.

The hook: Life after death.

The racket: Justice after death, especially for the baddies.

Example "You'll get yours!"

But justice delayed is justice denied, and *IMHO* there is no such thing as 'afterlife' and as a definitive proof I offer the conservation laws starting with "matter/energy can neither be created nor destroyed," backed up = never contradicted by any proper scientific study. This also rules out some alleged 'creator.' Further, it is simply impossible to exchange any information across the 'visible universe boundary,' conservation laws again. Sooo no person can get any information from any alleged deity, full stop.

Lastly, IF religions had any validity THEN the Pope, say, would a) outlaw all war and b) declare all participants as c) disqualified for the alleged 'life after death.' Also, that any/all persons (of any religion, especially Judaic) contravening the 'mortal sins' (including lying, cheating, coveting, murdering to steal) would go straight to hell without collecting any Go-$200. Except, of course no god, no hell.

What's missing and what the sheople desperately need is an operational philosophy [start with 'do unto others' plus 'do no harm' for possible self-harmers], what we've got is all downstream from "There is no such thing as societ-ah!"

Fazit: It's a leadership failure, here meaning not the psychopathic tyrants, but the so-called intellectuals. The proof is 'obvious by absence,' and then there're the pseudo liberal dilettantes.

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‘Political Correctness’ is a plot by the tyrants to suppress valid dissent.

Further, "liberal" has become a 4-letter word.