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Arghh Jeann, I totally know what you mean you have to keep reminding yourself that you read for you and if you're just not feeling it then it's totally okay to put it down... Same with blogging, if you're not feeling it, it's totally cool to take a break.

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I really wanted to like this series! But I was a massive fan of Richelle Mead's VA series so I didn't like this at all compared to that. I read up to book 4 I think before I stopped reading this, the only reason I kept reading it was because I like Jennifer L Armentrout's books usually.

I really disliked Alex, she was so mean and so aggressive, I just didn't get it. You're right about the slut shaming, it was all uncalled for. And three years is a looong time. I mean she's like 16 when she comes back to school right? So when she left she was 13. That's three whole years of being a teenager gone, and everyone looks the same, acts the same, and is doing the same thing etc? Unbelievable.

I also could never picture the world in this series, I would envision the characters but then see white all around them. There was no world, no scenery, I felt blind. That was one thing I loved about VA, Mead always described the world so vibrantly.

However, the age gap was more appropriate in this series. Rose and Dmitri's age gap always felt weird and icky to me. I could never romanticize it. But I loved Rose and Lissa's relationship. That was something this series lacked, relationships with other people. It was all about boys and romance.

I felt like this series was focused more on the relationships, forbidden love, and heartbreak rather than the story! I so wanted to like it but clearly from the above I just couldn't lol.

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I've heard a lot of good things about this book! Your review makes me want to pick it up, I had no idea the format of the book was similar to Illuminae etc. I'm really intrigued! Also the cover of the book is super pretty.

Jordon @ Simply Adrift
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Haha the first line of the Batman Vs Superman part was so right for me! Awkward. But I didn't close my browser because you made me laugh. To be honest, I actually haven't seen that movie. But I disliked Man of Steel so much and felt like the character of Superman wasn't anything like the Superman I grew up watching etc. And I LOVED the Lois and Clarke TV show, Smallville, and even the first Superman movies. Superman is about saving the people of earth, but in Man of Steel he has no problems destroying the city. It made no sense, so I couldn't be bothered with Batman vs Superman! I feel like I will watch it at some point thought because I want to see Ben Afflecks Batman (Although I don't really like the Batman franchise at all (Did everyone just gasp in horror?)).

You don't like Space Opera?!? :o Space Opera is the main genre of Sci Fi that I like, personally. I am shocked! lol.

I definitely can see your opinions as unpopular lol. This whole post I was just like 'What?! No!' hahaha.
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The Martian is soo good! I definitely think you would like it. Read the book first for sure because the movie is really good but it misses half of the book out because you just can't fit the whole story in a movie. Both are so good though!

I really wanted to like The 5th Wave so bad. But the love interest was way too creepy, I DNF'ed it because I just wasn't feeling the characters :/ The movie was okay but I thought it got boring in the middle. I just thought there was so much more potential!

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This sounds so good! I hadn't even heard of this until now so I've just added it to my TBR and i'm so excited it comes out in November!

I'm glad to hear it's a slow burn romance :D

Jordon @ Simply Adrift
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Ohh congrats on releasing your beta reading service! I hope it turns out how you want it to!

I love it when you come back from a blogging slump feeling all refreshed and like you can take on the blogging world. And you actually have TIME for it!
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I always take my ereader! And only take my ereader. But that's because I don't own any physical books, only ebooks (However if I DID own physical books I still wouldn't take physical books with me). Lugging heavy books around while travelling is suuuuch a drag! But I also guess that depends on how much moving around with your suitcase you intend on doing!

Since you're lugging it around a lot, then I suggest an ereader only. Also because if it's so fast paced I'm not entirely sure you'll actually get as much reading done as you usually do? So then you would just be carrying this dead weight around. You can just read those other books when you get back!
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I too read the negative reviews before reading this. It opened my eyes a bit because I had been warned, so while I can see where all of the negative reviews came from, I don't actually agree with them in saying the book is horrible.

I ended up enjoying the book, I thought the villian-isation of the characters actually made this story better and deeper. It was quite clear to me that this was what Maas had always intended.

I remember liking ACOTAR but I didn't like Tamlin that much... I thought something was off about him, and I remember thinking he liked to keep Feyre as a caged bird a little too much. I also couldn't like his personality.

Although is saying that, ACOMAF had wayyy to much dialogue for me. I got pretty bored in quite a few places! I wanted more action and story and less history or flirting :/ That end though? Wholly crap I want the next book NOW. The ending raised my rating a star from a three to a four.

Glad you liked this despite all of the controversy!

Jordon @ Simply Adrift
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And the texture of the covers were different! My book of The Immortal Rules was grainy and rough.

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