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Hello everyone,
I am trying to get any details through other sources but I can'y find any!
There is no news or social media to confirm it????
If anyone have other site for confirmation pls, let me know!
Thank you

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I know a few facts regarding Iran's history of being caught in between UK and States and it's all about having OIL and Persian Gulf !! (I am sure most of the people know...)
The oil was discovered by British and also the whole new version of Islam "separation" Shie & Suni ! so the middle east countries never unite!!!
Shah of Iran was a good friend of US & Israel and as long as he was doing whatever they asked, everything was fine! but as soon as he started to make decisions in price of OIL and Opec policies! or being in charge of Persian Gulf and more....
It was his D day! and the British took advantage of being involve of Islamic influence and brought their winning card!
Iran's revolution was a mixed policy of British & the United State bit somehow they both are caught in between!
The US embassy was planned & hijacked by American !!!
There are 1000,s evidences and documents in every incident happened in this country to write 10 books!
Hopefully I will do it very soon.