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Mostly the way EQD handles PMVs. It feels based on number of submissions rather than the actual quality of the video which means a lot of great stuff gets no attention while mediocre videos become successful. And getting put in a simple PMV post feels like punishment. I can't tell you how many videos in those posts did not belong there. Honestly that categorization should be done away with altogether.

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Twilight accidentally eats a hamburger and her friends have to help her with her proceeding obesity problem.

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Nightmare Rarity: Awesome!
(Comic Spoiler): FFFFUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!

Goddammit, if it's a spoiler then hide it!

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Actually, 23% are derpy. What you have there adds up to 99%.

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Aww thanks for the mention. I was surprised too. Thiessen himself gave it some very high praise so I was disappointed when it was buried in a Simple PMV post.

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This is pretty much how I felt when I woke up this morning and saw this gif instead of streaming links to an episode.

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Either/or. Both are applicable. If it helps, "pegasister" is just a category of Brony so calling them a Brony is still accurate.

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Tokyo brony in the front left- why so serious?

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I'm getting very confused. Am I buying the whole comic or just the cover? All of my previous orders have fallen into question. Am I getting comics in my mail or aren't I?

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The one about Rainbow Dash's name is clearly some sort of clever pun in Japanese. I hope someone comes to explain it.