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It is not all due to outsourcing but to deny that outsourcing, especially to Mexico has not played a big part in the Detroit 3's revival would be to deny reality. Ford led the way investing billions in new factories in Mexico that now export to the US.

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I wonder if Boeing now regrets outsourcing so much of the work, and of course "know how", when developing the 787?

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Why would they want a loser like the Osprey?

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No doubt the US Military gets carried away with some pointless ribbons. However, the fact that you basically dismissed his service in Vietnam as a Green Beret just because Americans sometimes have an excessive number of ribbons shows to me that this guy should have laughed at you and walked away.

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No need to worry about an improving economy.

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The unit requested and not delivered was an Army Ranger Battalion to block the exits at Tora Bora in late 2001. Rumsfeld refused and the rest is history. Just one of many of Rummy's horrible decisions.

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Not to kick a dead horse but I found this article interesting given what we commented about here.

Also besides what we both said earlier both China and the US are totally dependent on satellites to use their precision munitions. So in reality whoever blinds the other first by knocking out their satellites will win.


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No doubt the army has issues but all one has to do to see the corp is no different is look at the F-35b and the osprey. Both disasters in terms of cost and time involved to field. The truth is that all the services suck at procurement.

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I thought the same thing when I read his comment.

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Neither of us can know the reality with the DF-21, having said that the Navy is developing or has already developed strategies and doctrines to deal with this threat so apparently they take it pretty seriously. That tells me that the threat is real. Your right this does mean that all ships are vulnerable which is why I suggested different ways to cope. I think subs loaded full with tomahawks would work good for high threat environments like China, followed by Arsenal ships, and then finally when Chinese defenses have been sufficiently weakened our carriers can try and justify their existence. Remember one lucky shot with an anti-ship missile and we have 5000 dead.