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Aw, yeah, :)

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I actually wrote a letter to my younger self for a writing project a few weeks ago. I was pretty tough on myself, knowing how much life would beat the crap out of me. I can see some of that same tone with yours, except you are more encouraging to yourself! I especially appreciate your first few comments on following "the system" rather than the person. Big difference. Yes, I was caught up in that, too. I think the getting beat up part of life is what pushes us out of those idealistic/dogmatic trappings and into the bigger picture of love.

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Beautifully done, Claire, the image of grief as the heavy bucket balanced on the slender neck. It often goes unseen, but has a strong impact, both on body and spirit.

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I can picture it, Claire!

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I like your twisted logic here, young lady.. :) (kdding! I really shouldn't kid so soon after just meeting you...)

But anyway, yes, I am with you on this. I have a hard time admiring a "hero" when their personal character is in the gutter. I don't care how talented they are.

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Sounds like you could definitely do a few of those. I'm up for being invited to that dinner, for instance... :)

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Why am I not surprised? :)

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Enough. Yes, me too, David. And it is good to have enough.
Now, gird your loins for the Holiday onslaught.
My recent post Good Leader/Bad Leader

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Linking love to seeing and noticing... this is true awakening.

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Terrific, with that photo. Perfect. I love it.