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Duggars are twitchyer than most people realize - they follow Christian Patriarchy, and two of their heroes that they followed - Bill Gothard of ATI and Doug Phillips of Vision Forum - have both had to resign recently to sexually assaulting young women. OOPS so much for that super superior morality thing that RightWing Christians like to pretend they have.

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One of the singers is singing in the indigenous language Keres, one of the Puebloan languages - she appears from 09-15

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For Indians, it has not changed. Moronic stereotypical images of native people are so pervasive - still - that most people in my experience harbor all sorts of ridiculous ideas about us. Basically, it seems like most white folks learned everything they think they know about Indians from old cartoons and westerns from the 1950s and 60s. I wish I were kidding, but I'm not.