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Also, the same people who say "well I don't want to judge, innocent until proven guilty" are conveniently being screaming hypocrites -- they are just frothing at the mouth to "not judge" the alleged perpetrator, but in the exact same second they ARE JUDGING the alleged victim -- based on usually no evidence at all, they are 100% ready to assume s/he is guilty of making a false accusation!


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A bat with fruit-punch mouth.

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Yeahno, Joyce, you put you through the wringer. You're the adult. You had all the power in the relationship by any real measure of the word. I really, really hate when adults act like their non-adult children are on equal footing with them -- hell, even an adult child who's financially stable on their own will never be on quite the same footing as their parent, it's the nature of the relationship, but a dependent child? Never, ever, ever has even close to the responsibility their parent has.

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YESSSSSSSS. Seattle is FULL OF GEEKS. It will be awesome.

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A lot of people seem to believe that committing to something is enough to make it permanent -- like if you get a tattoo, or make a wedding vow, or have a baby with someone, that makes "forever" more likely to actually happen. It's like people think sympathetic magic works, and maybe this was the way Lily's mind was working at the time.

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I think they're meant to keep your apple from bruising? idk how well they work but maybe a layer of fashionable knitwear is just enough to keep an apple from bruising against the corner of a book in your bag or something.

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Here's the comment I made when Angel initially lost his soul, un-rot13'd in its entirety now that it's not spoilery anymore.

One feminist framing of this story arc that I've seen has to do with how often the most abusive, dangerous men are very charming in the beginning of a relationship. They're appealing, they're romantic, the relationship is like a fairy tale of true love and intimacy, and then wham, when she's in and it's difficult to get out and she's vulnerable they begin to reveal their true colors. Metaphorically, that's kind of what's happened to Buffy here.

(And of course the same abusive partners often become charming and sweet again just when a woman gathers the strength and resources to leave the relationship or press charges. They're sorry, they're contrite, they're vulnerable, they suck her back in. The narrative doesn't let this happen to Buffy -- if you look at her being poised to literally deliver the death stroke to Angel as a metaphor for ending the relationship, when he suddenly becomes her charming, vulnerable boyfriend again she retains her resolve, follows through and ends it.)

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Yeah, what the heck is she thinking being upset that someone tried to rape her and then that gross violation was compounded by the violation of authority figures telling her she deserved it. Everyone knows that attempted rape and excuse of attempted rape are on exactly the same level as being made to take kids trick-or-treating, or hosting Parent Night!

What did she expect anyway, going on a date. It's like she's a .... a dating-person or something! Doesn't she know the way to not be raped is to not go on dates with the Wrong Guys and that the Wrong Guys have neon signs over their heads identifying them?

... seriously?

these are the things you're arguing?


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