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I would support unionization within a few sectors in which workers' rights and safety are truly ignored by management, most notably food processing. When it just comes down to salaries, I can decide what my own interests are, thank you very much.

As for your comment on school vouchers: I would hope that some revenue still went to public schools, in order for them to have something to compete with. I happen to prefer charters myself.

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In terms of persona, Romney. In terms of Republican preference, Pawlenty. In terms of preference among all voters, Huntsman. Put them together in a stew and you'll have your candidate.

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Aaaaaaand then he developed the ability to think for himself and became a Christian as an adult. Did you miss that? And did you miss the countless speeches he's given that have ended with "May God bless the United States of America?" I'd say that and I'm no Christian. It's just the protocol.

As commander-in-chief, it was Obama's job to decide how much intelligence was needed before taking any action, and which of several strategies proposed to him (by Panetta, Gates, Mullen, Donilon and whoever else) was preferable. It's not unreasonable for him to use the word "I" in that respect. Frankly, I don't see what the problem is when even you admit that a) he deserves some credit and b) any politician would take it.

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That her name has come up at all in the context of the shooting is appalling. She wasn't there, she hasn't said much of anything about Giffords, and she certainly doesn't believe in using actual violence to achieve political ends. Hell, her rhetoric is tame compared to some of what we heard from others on the campaign trail. But it was a mistake for her to be baited into perpetuating a discussion that shouldn't be taking place. Thin skin has always been a problem for her and it doesn't appear to have improved.

A personal friend of mine has a history of making outlandish political claims, i.e. that 9/11 was an inside job or that swine flu was engineered in a lab to make Big Pharma richer. He also has a history of manic depression and has been known to get even more paranoid when off his meds. If deadly weapons were available to him, I would be worried about him going out to shoot something up. Has anyone closely studied the links between this psychological problems and politics? Because in my experience, it seems completely removed from anything anyone says in the mainstream.

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It's sad, though, that it took a congresswoman's shooting for people to start taking us seriously when we were making the same points before.

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That's a pretty ironic argument; I bet this person is likely opposed to using international law as a factor in decisions of American law, and would also call himself a constructionist. Nonetheless, simply being born on U.S. soil is insufficient grounds for citizenship.

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A bit combative but not unreasonably so, and with more sarcastic wit than the wingers can usually muster, followed up with simple logic. That's the way to stop your debate opponents in their tracks.

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A friend of mine (also from Nebraska) pointed out that regular check-ups may spot health problems that would require more of Medicare's money in the long run. Thus, it does have the potential to save money. I don't anticipate it would save THAT much, but maybe I'm just cynical.

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Although, to be fair, some sharper tongues might help. The last thing we want to do is have our spokespeople come across as a band of Alan Colmeses.

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I don't mind the clean-energy subsidies, but the tax breaks for movies are what the Manitoba government would do (and does) to generate revenue, and everything else is pretty useless.