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I don't even understand why they're trying to make this love triangle a thing. It will always be LOGAN + VERONICA 4eva, Piz doesn't even factor into the equation. (His name is Piz, for goodness sake.) Also, can we talk about how hot Wallace has gotten? Because yeah.

I was way too obsessed with this show back in the day, if you can't tell. Ah, 2007, how I miss you.

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She really is scary out there. She doesn't take her son to doctors or any kind of school. I just imagine them in a grass and dung lined bunker somewhere.

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Thank you for saying that. It's just one of those things that REALLY gets under my skin. Big boobs are considered desirable, but they have to be the "right" kind of big boobs. I mean what the eff is that. I know a lot of my crap comes from my mother who delights in pointing out how badly my bra fits every time I see her. (No matter what kind of bra.) Also your last sentence made me giggle.

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Yep, if you look at younger pictures of her, she's always had a long chest. Always. She just used to wear more of a push up bra style. But god forbid her breasts don't sit exactly where people want them to, it's just so upsetting.

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Yep, exactly. My boobs look pretty much exactly like that (I'm 27), and every time I read a comment about how saggy her breasts are I feel like a mutant. I really don't think she looks bad. I think the idea of what breasts "should" look like has been so distorted by push up bras and implants and Photoshop that people have a skewed view of what is normal.

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Nope, you can buy all of that with Snap (at least here in Michigan). You just can't buy "hot" foods, and a few other exceptions that I can't remember right now. Candy is even covered, too, at least at places like Walmart.

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Yep, I say it every day. Snyder is evil. This state is so far down the tubes by now, though, there's not much that can save us.

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See I really like this dress, but only because it's Keira Knightley. She can wear springy breezy stuff like this and look really good.

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I used to LOVE Christmas, I think in part because we had the same traditions every year. A big dinner with our family, playing board games (dorky, but fun), driving around and looking at the lights, etc. Now I absolutely can't stand this time of year. I never have any money. The Salv Arm Santas make me feel guilty. And you're right about the consumerism. It's like "Show your family you love them by going into massive debt for a bunch of disposable crap no one needs! Fa la la la fucking la!!" (As you can see, I am the most cheerful elf on the block.)

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Yeah. I think a lot of kids are making stupid or nervous jokes and the administration is just taking it really seriously. Which I think is a good thing. I remember being a freshman in high school the year that Columbine happened, and while I don't remember many jokes, I do remember people trying to figure out which of our classmates would be most likely to come and attack us. I'll just be happy when December 22nd rolls around.