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I'm presuming it's the implication that police might be a smidge racist, which, as we all know, is completely unpossible.

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We are not men, D-E-V-O!

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Watch the last scenes of the original Planet of the Apes again. Pretty much covers it.

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Education, public works, etc., etc...

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Holy crap! Did the Foxsports website get punk'd by Anonymous?! That rant redefined "epic"!

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Should we make contact with such a hypothetical sane world, we really should check on that.

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Run in with a few hundred troops and just get the job done, eh?

Hey Peggers, were you conscious when that thing happened in Mogadishu?

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Funny thing. I'm pretty sure you meant to say "inequities", yet "iniquities" actually works quite well in this context.

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Facts are stupid things.

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Read the coverage of the Lockett execution again. Do you realize the number of people who think "let the punishment fit the crime" means "let the criminal suffer at least as much as the victim"? Brutal executions suit too many people just fine. Better if they're nationally televised. In sum, I get where you coming from but I fear your well-meaning strategy would backfire. Not to mention the likelihood that one of your exemplars will be INNOCENT. Besides, if "murder in the name of justice is wrong" how much more wrong is "brutal murder in the name of sanity-checking our conscience"?